Fighting Loneliness and Isolation: Why We Were Made for Community

Loneliness and isolation are growing issues in our culture. Our individual searches for purpose and meaning leave many of us feeling even more alone amidst a sea of other people aiming for the same goal. Kasey Leander talks about this more in today’s Take Five, and looks at what can happen when we live in the reality that we were created for community.

Our profound dependency on each other is actually a unique gift; it gives us the gift of family. All of humanity’s design specs point us towards one thing: we were created for relationships.

Our relationship is one of the ways we reflect God who, in the three persons of the Trinity, has always existed in community.

Christians are called the body of Christ because now we have a collective purpose.

Make it Personal

  • What does it look like to live out a “collective purpose” as the body of Christ?

  • If we image God through community, what would it look like to point others to God through community?