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Finding Peace in the Beauty of the Cross

In today’s Take Five, RZIM Canada’s Alanzo Julian Paul continues exploring the theme of beauty and finds it in the beauty of the cross and what it signifies, right now and back then.

The cross of Jesus Christ is the great declaration for all humanity that we can now have peace with God.

We can know for certain that we have peace with God now because of what Christ did then.

Make it Personal

  • Is peace beautiful? What makes it beautiful?

  • How is our relationship and engagement with the world shaped by the peace that has been won for us by Christ?


What a wonderful assurance to know that we have peace with God!
I am reminded when Jesus kept on saying to His disciples, “Peace”, “Do not let your hearts be troubled.”, “Do not worry”. “Trust in Me.”
Jesus knew that we tend to be restless with all the trappings of this fallen world and with the sin that is in our hearts. With the economy fluctuating, the pandemic still going and the anarchy rising, people’s thoughts and emotions became far from stillness. The message of the cross, gives us that indescribable calmness despite the ongoing storm. Because Jesus said our debt is fully paid, we have confidence to come to the Father without fear of wrath. We have peace in our hearts as sin cannot condemn us anymore and we are now partakers of all of God’s promises as His child. What joy and comfort! Knowing this reshaped my thinking even when circumstances are tough. Because I know I have a holy, heavenly Father who loves me, I am assured that even the problems I am going through will turn out into good for He is good. With peace in my heart, I can rejoice in the midst of pain and suffering for the greatest war I could never win has already been won by Jesus on the cross!:raised_hands:t3::blush:

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