Finding True Contentment in a Time When We Just Want More

When billionaire John D. Rockefeller was asked the question “how much money is enough?” he famously responded with “just a little bit more.” Sam Allberry talks about this in today’s Take Five, and suggests we all experience this same desire for more, no matter how much we already have. In a world where we are often left feeling disappointed with things we think will make us content, Sam looks at how Jesus’ staggering phrase, "I am the bread of life,” transforms our view of enough.

We never seem to have enough. It always feels like we need more, however much we have; whether it’s money, success, or sex, or recognition, or prowess, or friendship, or love, again, it always feels like we just need a little bit more.

When Jesus says, “I am the bread of life,” He is actually saying, “I am to your soul what bread is to a starving stomach.”

Jesus says He can be the bread of life because He is the one who made us; He knows us better than we know ourselves; He loves us more than we love ourselves; He is actually more committed to our ultimate joy than even we are.

Make it Personal

  • What is that one thing that if you had a bit more of it, you would be content or happy? Why is it so easy to think along these lines?

  • In a world that sets it’s sights so low, how might we share the good news that Jesus is more committed to our ultimate joy than we are ourselves?


Thank you @jspare for sharing this video. It is so encouraging and right on target with the way God has been dealing in my heart lately.

I love how Sam paraphrased Jesus’s words, “I am to your soul what bread is to a starving stomach.”

Personally, God spoke this to me, saying, “I make a family whole.” This is the area that I have struggled with “wanting more.” I don’t necessarily think my desire for family relationships are wrong, but I think they have been misplaced. For me, I think God has wanted me to learn that true intimacy is only had in a relationship with God through Christ; and from this place of intimacy, relationships with others are what God designed them to be.

The thing that I have found to hinder me is Psalm 119:25 “my soul clings to the dust.” I need more of God’s grace, mercy, and His word to deliver me from affections and a mindset that is merely physical. I need God to heal my heart (Hosea 14:4) so that I may be sincerely devoted to Him, forgetting this world and its pleasures, and pressing toward the upward call of God in Christ (Philippians 3:13).

In order to share the gospel with a world that sets its sights so low, I think the work must first be fulfilled in my heart. Leonard Ravenhill said, “You never have to advertise a fire.” This principle is evident in the lives of great saints such as Ravi and Nabeel, among a host of others. When your life burns for Christ, people are naturally drawn to the fire. As Ravi once said, people have to see the gospel lived. I think this is the main way we can help others “look up” as well.


Moses forsake the riches of this world , & he chose the eternal over the temporal .
I have been to the museum in Cairo and seen the treasures of Egypt which Moses rejected for the treasure of faith in God…
And those were just a small sampling of the wealth contained in Egypt at the time of Moses .
If you want to know your net worth , add up everything you have that money cannot buy, and death cannot take away .

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Yes, Thanks for sharing this video Joshua.

Q: The first question: What is that one thing that if you had a bit more of it, you would be content or happy? Why is it so easy to think along these lines?

For me, it was always about the next big thing or even a little thing that I may think that I want more of such as love or more stuff. These desires can continue beyond my reasoning or evidential fact showing these things do not satisfy those longings. Looking around this world I see many things “broken” and I see many trying to fix them by championing a certain cause or interest. Many things cry out for our attention to satisfy whatever we desire, are curious or have an interest in.

One of the reasons that I believe it so easy to think along these lines essentially is that we are not alone in this world, at least not all the time. We are heavily influenced by others whether we believe it or not. In many countries, we live in a digital age and many connect in some way to others online. Also, data is gathered, and we have files collected that target our interests to manipulate us to spend money or resources toward products or ideas.

In Christian theology, those influences that cause us to seek satisfaction apart from God, and are the enemies of the followers of Christ are: The world, the flesh, and the devil . Jesus promises to set us free from the power of these influences or from what the bible calls our sinful nature. This freedom from the power of the sinful nature does not mean we will live a perfect life here on earth. As a Christian, Jesus prepares us for eternal life. We have free will and may focus on this world,and the immediate. However, as Christians, we have a helper, the Holy Spirit, to help us navigate through this life and find our fulfillment in Jesus and our new life in Him.

Q: In a world that sets its sights so low, how might we share the good news that Jesus is more committed to our ultimate joy than we are ourselves?

** Be an example **- As Christians, our lives reflect God’s love and God’s light in us, and people will see something different. We have the power to live in the Joy of the Lord no matter what our outward circumstances may be.

** Be available ** Say Yes to whatever the Lord asks. Reach out with words or deeds that the Holy Spirit guides you to do or say. You may be sowing a seed or reaping a soul ripe for the harvest.

** Be Engaged with others ** Obviously, many are treading water right now just to survive- many dealing with nightmare logistics and many are frenetically paced and crazy busy. But, Just take a moment to engage with a neighbor, listen or have a conversation at school, work or at a store. (that’s perhaps one main reason that we are here at RZIM- to learn how to do this better).

In conclusion:

Jesus IS the only one who will satisfy everyone’s needs . He promises us much more than we can ask for or think. First, we must make sure that we are HIS, and, remain (abide) in Him, only then can we genuinely love others and reach out effectively to the world around us.

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