Finding Your Niche in RZIM Connect: Affinity Groups

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

To make it easy for you to find people in Connect who have shared interests, we have created a number of Affinity Groups that you can join on the Groups page:

By joining one or more of these groups, we will attempt to mention you when a discussion on a related topic comes up in RZIM Connect. This should make it easier for you to find and participate in the conversations that are most relevant to you within the community. (Of course, sometimes it is the serendipitous conversations that hold the most value!)

If you’d like to propose other affinity groups, please reply with your suggestion. If it is a popular suggestion or there have been a number of posts related to the topic, then there’s a good chance it will be added to the list.

(Steven White) #2

When we join a group, how do we post to it? I’ve joined one and I don’t see any content,

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Narphi, great question! Thank you for raising it!

In Connect, discussions take place in Categories (for instance, #daily-evangelism) and people can join together in groups (for instance, the ones mentioned above). Going forward, we will start to @mention these groups in the discussions relevant to their stated interest. That way each group can discuss those topics in the Daily Evangelism Category.

Is that clear? Does it help?