Fine Tuning Scrutinized

Hi everyone, this is my 1st post on Connect.
I was recently browsing YouTube and I came across a video by Arvin Ash, whose videos I am unfamiliar with, on the fine tuning of the Universe. As I study physics at what is effectively High School (not exactly as I don’t live in the US), this interests me, and it’s one of my favourite arguments for God’s existence. This video effectively casts doubt on it and explains what is wrong with the argument and the assumptions that it makes. I know we have several arguments for God’s existence and that as Abdu Murray said on a recent episode of the defense rests it is a cumulative case, but it would really help me out a lot if someone could take a look and maybe respond to it?. Thanks, George

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Hello @squidge_gt,

It’s a pleasure being able to respond to your very first post!

My apologies but I have to answer your question with a question. I watched this entire video and found it very interesting. Arvin Ash brings up so many points that I’m not sure your question can be answered without writing a novel. Can you help me by narrowing your questions’ focus?



Hello @squidge_gt

First, welcome here at RZIM Connect
Thank you so much for opening up this question.
This is a very great question, indeed

However, I do agree with @pdangelmajer Can you please give your question a point and specifics? It would really help us to give a specific answer as well. One of the possibilities of giving respond to such whole argument on the video you linked is I may touch one area of it, and the other include other area of it, and it would cause such disarrangement to the conversation.

But, I highly appreciate your effort. You could just narrow to 1-2 question on that particular argument, and we will respond to it to help you through.

No worries! Thank you so much.

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