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Greetings brothers and sisters. I am from Hamilton Massachusetts which is about 1/2 hour north of Boston. I love the Lord and His Word and want to reach people to help extend His kingdom. Having been a believer for a long time, my desire is to share what I’ve learned and also to attain wisdom in order to minister to those I have been unable to reach.

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@Michael_Fitzgerald Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve joined us brother! May the Lord Jesus lead and guide you in all that you do and bless you with knowledge of Him through your time here on the forums. Look forward to hearing more of your story.

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Thank you, SeanO. My journey has been similar to that of God’s people. Like in Judges there have been times when I’ve lived according to what’s been right in my own eyes, and other times when I’ve walked in the Spirit. Almost two years ago, I was pretty depressed. I had retired on disability from the Post Office in 2006 at 55 years of age because of my back, and because of injuries I’d received when in the USMC in '69. My doctor put me on methadone for pain after the Vicodin stopped working. It made my mental state a bit off. I would sometimes doze off in the middle of praying during prayer meetings–and I was the leader. But they say that methadone is more addictive than heroin (but far less fun). I got sick of it. A few years back I decided I had had enough. I stopped in one day with no ill effects. What I take for pain now has no bad affects (Gabapentin). Mostly, what I do now is when I get up I ask God to fill me with His Spirit; “shall not the Father that much more give the Spirit to them that ask Him?”

Since I’ve been around a while, I have a lot to share. I love theology because it’s about God and I love Jesus and I know by the Word and experience that it’s the Holy Spirit that leads us into all truth. When I decided a couple of years ago that I could at least be a witness somehow, God began to restore me…again, so I am trying to use this device to reach folks. I look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do next, plus I want to hear your story, too.



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@Michael_Fitzgerald Thanks so much for sharing! I’m glad that you’ve found greater stability and peace in your life without the need for those particular medications. I pray that the Lord Jesus would give you wisdom to know how best to be healthy - both physically and spiritually.

My story is pretty simple - as a kid I read the Chronicles of Narnia and in high school Mere Christianity. The former, in combination with my Dad’s simple but humble prayer’s each day that ‘God’s will be done’, sanctified my imagination and taught me to relate to God as a living, active Person who is at work in the world. In Lewis’ philosophical works I began to understand the Gospel at a deeper level - God does not love us because we are good - He makes us good because He loves us. Wow! I really began to comprehend a faint whisper of the tremendous love and grace of Jesus and that made me want to serve others - to share with them the same love I had received. That gave me a thirst for the Word of God that was tremendous - I just started reading and reading and reading.

And somewhere along that journey of learning and serving I was blessed to meet @CarsonWeitnauer and get involved with Connect. I never really imagined a community like this one, so I am very thankful for RZIM and Carson’s work to create such an amazing place.

That’s a bit of my story :slight_smile: Richest blessings to you brother and may the Lord strengthen you with His might.

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Welcome, @Michael_Fitzgerald! I love how you entitled your intro - Fitzy! What a great nickname and it seems to fit, based upon the profile pic and where you live. Thank you for your service to our nation. Were you in Viet Nam? My father was a career Air Force officer and served two tours there. It sounds like you’ve dealt with quite a bit of physical pain over the years, and I’m sorry for this; but, I love your response to all of it and especially how you’ve leaned upon God during the toughest times.

I look forward to reading your responses to questions posed in the Community and pray peace and comfort for you as you continue your journey with our Lord and Savior!

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Thank you, Lou. No, I did not make it to Vietnam having gotten into an accident beforehand which pretty much ended my career. If we are alive, then pain is inevitable but as the lepers could share, pain can be a good thing. As you know, if there is no suffering, then there will be no growth. So most of the time I regard it as no big deal. I did share a hospital bed, though, with a career Air Force sergeant for a while in Chelsea Naval Hospital (long ago, long gone, now). So far I am finding RZIM very helpful. The academics are a little challenging, but that forces me to lean on Him and that is the whole point. I took that first quiz before I saw the second video with Michael Ramsden. But, I am way too competitive anyway so it will serve as a reminder.

I pray that God will use this course to equip us as lights, in this ever darkening world; that our Lord Jesus would be glorified, and people brought into the kingdom through the Holy Breath of God, and that His people would be built up, encouraged in the faith to do greater things, in His Name, Amen.



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Just to clear up my confusion, I am also taking RZIM Academy’s course on Apple genetics. I thought this was the forum. I apologize, I am an old forgetful long-time reluctant unworthy servant of the Most High. What? Looking forward to more interaction. Thank you for your kindnesses.



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