Five Books of Moses

Are there actual historical Documents for the five Books of Moses?


Could you clarify your question? Are you asking if there are any historical documents which support the events contained in the Pentateuch? Or the books themselves? We might need some additional information if we are going to be able to provide an answer.

Great question! Just so you know I believe in god and the Bible. I just was curious if there were any actual documents found about the Pentateuch? Like the documents found that we call “The Dead Sea Scrolls.”

Hello Bryant,

If you are asking if there are any original copies of the first 5 books of the Bible, no, there aren’t.
Regarding your asking, “are there actual historical Documents…” - yes, there are. There are literally thousands (25,000+) of portions of and complete books of the Bible, more than any other book of antiquity. Because of this we can be nearly 100% certain of what was in the originals. Sean McDowell, Josh McDowell and others can provide greater detail. Their newest version of “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” would be a very interesting study for you. I recommend it.

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I believe, if I am not mistaken, that most of these arguments surround the New rather than the Old Testament. N’est pas?

This is amazing guys! Thank you soooooo much for this I am very interested in this kind of thing. I never doubted it for a min just didn’t know where to look or what resources to trust ya know?

Joshua, you are somewhat correct and thanks for pointing it out. While we don’t have autographs for the Gospels (at least I’ve not read that) we do have many for the OT books. Actually, all the books are represented in the Dead Sea Scrolls except Esther & Nehemiah.
“Of the scrolls found, about a quarter (220 in all) are books of the Hebrew Bible , or what Christians call the Old Testament : all the books, in fact, except Esther and Nehemiah. The most common books found are Psalms and Deuteronomy.”
There are NT book fragments from closer than 100 years from when they were written.