Flat Earth/Geocentric Theory

(Diane Colley) #1

Hi there,

i am hoping to be connected to somebody willing to discuss what the Bible teaches about God’s creation. I have been looking into this subject for the past year and have come to the belief that the earth is stationary, flat, covered by a solid dome firmament in which the stars, sun and moon are set and that the earth is set on physical pillars.

I am hoping to speak to somebody who believes the above statements are not true. I wish to see how the Bible supports their belief in the heliocentric theory - the earth is a sphere which spins and orbits the sun along with the other planets in an ever expanding universe.

I’m praying for an open mind and to put aside any biases I have and to only hear from the word of God. I do not wish to speak to anybody in a confrontational setting and want to be sure I make it clear I’m not trying to sway someone to believe the way I do. This is purely in an effort to seek truth from the word of God.

Thank you very much for your time and I wish God’s blessings in your life.


(SeanO) #2

@Dianecolley12 Here are a few resources that you will hopefully find helpful. I believe the Biblical position is that the Biblical authors do not teach either that the earth is flat or that it is round. Rather, the Biblical authors use language familiar to themselves and their audience, and often poetic language, to describe nature. When we interpret the Bible, we must always remember to take into account:

  1. the culture (the Ancient Near Eastern view of the cosmos)
  2. the genre (is it poetry? If so, it may be metaphor and we should not take it as a description of physical reality)

The following image is from John Walton. It explains the view of the cosmos in the ancient near eastern mind. However, I am 100% certain that Walton believes the earth is round. God was speaking to the Hebrew people not primarily to teach them about the shape of the earth, but to enter into a covenant with mankind that finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus.

(christopher van zyl) #3

People often say things like this to me with regards to other subjects. I struggle a little though with this thinking. Certain things we believe to be self evident, and the idea that if it’s not in the Bible it can’t be true is one I struggle with. (not saying you are saying this, just giving you context into what others have said to me and what my experience is).

If God put all knowledge of science in the Bible, we would not understand it, only those in the far future. But now, just because the Bible doesn’t speak of biochemistry and physics doesn’t mean these things aren’t real.
Can the Bible support my claim that I’m wearing a shirt, and that the shirt has flowers on it?
It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

My point is this:
Perhaps it would be better to discuss the validity of flat earth or round earth using a method outside of scripture. As @SeanO pointed out, scripture doesn’t teach for or against either of them.
I’d be interested to hear what reasons you have for believing the flat earth?

I appreciate your asking and wanting to seek the truth from God. Bless you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Jimmy Sellers) #4

I am hoping to speak to somebody who believes the above statements are not true.

It was true for the reader of the day. The ancient near eastern cosmology was very similar across the cultures of the day just as the picture that @SeanO has shared. I do not subscribe to the thought that the Hebrew scriptures we’re intended to be read as a science book as we understand science today.
I think there is a difference between what one understands (POV) and what is being taught. In this case the writers were not having a science lesson but a theology lesson the intent was to make the Most High the creator of the cosmos.
I hope this helps and I would highly recommend John Walton’s materal as a good starting place to get a much better treatment of the subject.

For you to think about, I just read this today as way of understanding the difference in how we understand scripture and how a Hebrew pre-exile and post exlie would have understood the same scripture.
If I say Vegas and you think map coordinates ( lattitude and longitude) you are missing the point likewise the creation account is not about science it’s about God as creator.
BTW the world is a sphere and it does revolve around the sun.