Florian Schwalbe

(Florian Schwalbe ) #1

Hello everyone! My name is Florian and I live in germany. I am a social worker by profession and completed the core module recently.
I am looking forward to interesting discussions and new inspiration.

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Florian. :smiley: Praise the Lord for your heart to know Him more clearly and to inspire others in their walk with Christ. Perhaps some of what you learn here will in turn be a blessing for those whom you minister to as a social worker. Looking forward to hearing from you on the threads.

(Daniel) #3

Hi @f_schwalbe, well, that’s a surprise: Someone else from Germany, great :smile: Welcome and a blessed time here with a good exchange.

(Lou Hablas) #4

Welcome Florian! @f_schwalbe May your time here be blessed, and may you continue to be a blessing to those whom you serve through your work!

(Tabitha Gallman) #5

Welcome @f_schwalbe! Glad you are part of this community :slight_smile:

(Joe Salins) #6

Welcome to RZIM connect. Glad to hear that you are from Germany. The country where the Reformation began with Martin Luther. God willing my wife and I along with another couple are planning to visit Germany and Switzerland in October 2019. The church I attended in India as a kid was the Basel Mission Presbyterian church which was a church started by missionaries from Germany. I will visit Basel too.

(Billie Corbett) #7

Welcome Florian.

Looking forward to your contributions.

I am from Canada and am a youth development worker.
Often times, my work intersects with Social Workers who is working with the same youth or their family.

It’s a difficult job. I hope you have good support in your work and your faith.
I strongly convicted that believers in Christ need to be praying for people like yourself, whom God has called to fill these social support roles within our society.

I have noticed over the years that Christians are encouraged by church leaders to pray faithfully for missionaries, which is good and needful…
But, there are people (within their congregations) who are serving in jobs like social work…
A job which is equally as challenging as being a foreign missionary.
If your country is anything like mine…social workers might as well be foreign missionaries because they are not generally welcomed/ received well in the lives of those whom they are trying to assist.

I would be interested to know how you integrate your faith in your calling as a social worker.

(Page Gallimore) #8

Welcome, Florian. I’m a social worker in Australia. I’m wondering what it is like to be a Christian social worker in Germany.

(Charles G. Pewee) #9

Hi @f_schwalbe, good to see you on RZIM Connect and glad to hear that you have completed the RZIM Academy Core Module. I look forward to a great time together on this platform.