For a dying unbeliever

With the increasing power and interconnections through social media, people are utilizing this medium to post their mundane activities or even the serious issues of life such as death.
Recently I’ve stumbled upon a vlogger that posted (and confirmed) her final video as she announced her impending departure on earth.

My question is two-fold:
How far would you reach out to a dying (unbeliever) person whether they are just a random or a close friend to witness for Christ?
Where do you draw the line between directly proclaiming the gospel or just reasoning out the Christian faith with a dying person.

Thank you


Hey @Marvs, this is a great question. It’s wonderful that you’re concerned about this person and others that are at similar places in their life’s journey.
I don’t really know how to answer this fully, but I want to at least encourage you to watch out for yourself. We are called to evangelize and disciple others, bringing the hope of Christ to the world, just be careful in putting certain pressure on yourself, you dont need to feel guilty for not pursuing everyone around you. I say this as someone who struggled with this when I was younger.
I used to ask myself why I didn’t share the Gospel in front of everyone I met, if it was so life changing and important. I came to the conclusion that not everyone wants to hear, and I don’t need to beat myself for not evangelizing to every person I ever made eye contact with.

I don’t know if you’re doing this exactly, I just know at one time similar thoughts crossed my mind.

As far as how far I would go, well, generally speaking it’s a matter of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, but if I have an opportunity then I might as well go for it. It won’t hurt anyone as long as I share the Truth with love and kindness. Evangelism isn’t something we do alone, we may talk to someone but God is the one that changes their heart, so I would pray for an opportunity to share with them, to have a conversation that goes deep. Pray, be ready, and God will give you words.

I’m sorry I don’t know more. I hope this was beneficial to you in some way.

I would love to hear someone else’s view on the topic as well.

Hi Marvs, That is a good question. I have had that experience a couple of times and I guess that you just have to say what you can from the heart and pray that God will do that work in the person you try to reach.

I know that when my father was ill, I went to him and said that I had to tell him something important, that I had talked with him about many times, but now he was about to face the leaving of this world and that he did not want to do that without Jesus. He had questioned the gospel message and I felt that I was not really competent to help him understand.

I finally told him that I just wanted him with me in eternity and the day before he died he told me “I did that things you told me about” (asking Jesus into his life). I did the same with my mother, but she rejected the answer because of deep hurt my father had brought into her life, she was bitter and felt that she had gotten a bad deal. I said what I needed to say, and have to leave the rest in God’s hands.

I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe the best thing is to know within yourself that when you get an opportunity to meet with someone on the edge of eternity, you don’t need to worry about what to do. Just tell them, love them, and then let God do His work. You may never know the outcome of your words, but you will know that you opened the door to heaven and invited them to walk through it. Jesus is invitational, and so must we be.

I don’t know if that is really an answer, but I know that I can’t grieve about my mother not coming because I do not know what God does with us as we die. Perhaps He comes to us one last time to let is really choose. I hope so, but have no basis for that . Thanks for asking the question.

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