Forensic analysis of the preflood earth

(Melissa ) #1

Is there a geologist who can calculate the depth of the water if the deep ocean trenches were closed, reverse the effect on mountains (Mt Everest) from them opening rapidly, and melt the polar ice caps? Would it be 15 cubits above the tallest mountain?
Also, if there was a water canopy around the earth would there have been less gravity and a tropical oasis promoting the massive growth of reptiles like we are finding and explain how they were able to function even on 2 legs like the t-rex? Or could it have helped in building megalithic structures to have less gravity… How big was Adam or the average preflood person? Was there a difference in such an ideal environment?

(Daren) #2

First, I do not think that scripture requires a young earth view. I can only be honest here, that I have a lot of questions about the flood story. Was it local(aka “world-wide”) or global? (There was no Hebrew term to express a “global” flood) Was it prior to the spread of man or was it synonymous with the experience of man? Is it better understood as historic or prophetic of the last days? Is there great similarities to the flood of Gilgamesh because they had the same origin or because it was a response to that culture?
I hope you can forgive me if I have crossed a sacred line here.

(SeanO) #3

@dlallee68 I tend to think the flood did destroy all of humanity, but that it did not cover the entire surface of the earth. However, I certainly think the Bible presents the events of the flood as historical.

There are flood myths all around the world. One way of looking at these myths is that they all point back to one true event - the Flood of Noah. The book “Flood Legends” is written from a Christian perspective and goes through a subset of these myths to unpack them in light of the story of Noah. What sets the story of Noah apart is that it is, by far, the most logical and realistic of all of the flood stories.

(SeanO) #4

@Melissa2 You may find some of the following resources helpful. Your questions depend upon how certain passages, like the flood story or Genesis 1, are interpreted.

Different Views of the Earth’s Age / Genesis 1

Hugh Ross on the Flood