Francini Andino

Say hello… Hello!!!

Where are you from? Heredia, Costa Rica

What led you to join Connect? I like to hear Ravi and I take courses at RZIM Academy

How do you hope to contribute? I’m not sure how, but I want to


Hello Francini, welcome to Connect! Which courses have you had a chance to take At the RZIM academy? I’m excited to be starting my second one in a few days. I hope you enjoy the discussions on this forum and I am sure you will find a chance to share your thoughts occasionally. It’s so nice to hear from so many different people! We are glad you could join us! :blush:


Hi Carrie nice to meet you, I took the core module and I hope to take more courses soon. I’m very happy to be here! Have a blessed and a happy new year 2020!!


Happy new year to you as well! :smile:

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@fandinom Nice to meet you!

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Welcome aboard @fandinom. Thanks for coming along side us here at connect. Love it when academy alums join in. Congratulations on completing the core module. Pretty helpful? Hope you are blessed by the discussions. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome, @fandinom! You can contribute by asking questions!

Also, I’ve been to Costa Rica! It’s beautiful!

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