Fred Roth- Introduction

Where am I from: The United States. North Carolina via Chicago via Texas

Who am I? Father. J.D., M.S. (biology). Corporate attorney. Raised catholic, spent my teens and college years generally agnostic/atheist (in retrospect). Baptized 6/21/2016.

Why did I join? Looking for a place for intelligent conversation about the questions I am working through as I progress in my faith. I’m a bit of an academic, so always looking for more sources to explore.


Hello, Fred, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: It’s great too have you join us here, and I look forward to learning more from you. You’ve come to the right place to learn with folks from around the globe.


Welcome aboard @EvoFaith. Glad to have a another bar member amongst us. I primarily am in the family law arena. Hope you find the threads compelling and satisfying. Would love to read your testimony if you find time to post it. What area do you find challenging the most for the Christian worldview? God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Fred! @EvoFaith
Welcome to Connect :relaxed:

When I read that you are an attorney- I thought of @Keldon_Scott - so nice you two made the connection!

I think you’ll find the topics and conversations in this community to be interesting and challenging- plenty of opportunities to research, as well. I love the way kindness and encouragement is interwoven as we search for truth.

Be blessed as you look around and find ways to engage with the many Believers from around the globe.


Welcome Fred, thank you for giving us a little insight into your interesting biography. Thank God you are now part of his family.

I hope that you will find a place for it here. Thank you very much for your contributions so far and I am looking forward to more.
These two contributions also deal with the topic of evolution:


Hello @EvoFaith Welcome to the family. Glad you are here with us.


Thanks, @Brittany_Bowman1. I’ve been listening to various RZIM podcasts and reading Mr. Zacharias’ books for some time now, and the Ask Away podcast recently mentioned the community here. It was apparent that it’s a solid community worth exploring based on a brief spat of lurking.


Welcome! So glad you have joined. I have gained so much from this community and pray you will as well.

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Thanks, Kel.
A good friend of mine is a family law attorney out in Boise. You guys have it rough, man. I lack the patience for the issues you folks deal with.
I started in generic pharma litigation in Chicago and pivoted to FDA regulatort law, and recently went in-house. No more billables!

That said, to answer your question, see my post in the podcasts section re evolutionary biology, and synthesizing the science with a textually accurate biblical worldview.

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Thanks for the citations. I’ll check them out.

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