Hi brothers and sisters in Christ!

My name is Fredrik Israelsson Bard and I live in Stockholm / Sweden wit my wife Maria and two girls LiliAnn 6 y and Edith 9 y.

I’m here because in Sweden there isn’t so many forums where I feel that can provide me with answers and have dialog about apologetic questions, after many years of searching for the truth and purpose of my life and then… Psa 40:2-4.

If I can give an answer or an advice to one person on this forum that helps, that is enough.

Besides God’s holy book the Bible, my sword and firm basic ground for my life, Ravi Z, John Lennox, William Lane Craig, Lee Strobel, Gary Habermas, Steve Meyer, James Tour etc has helped my so much on my journey to proclaim his glory with a loving heart and evidence based faith.

God Bless you all!:fire::v:t2:

// Fred


Hi @Fredrik, what an inspiring introduction and what a beautiful family! Welcome to connect. I read Psalm 40:2-4, so true :heart:
You have listed some very profound teachers that I have learned a great deal from myself :+1: We are so blessed to have such committed Christians with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom :pray:t3: I trust you will be a blessing here as you engage in this forum.
Take care and enjoy browsing through the conversations :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi freddie and family, such a pleasure to meet you all. In this community located all over the world you will find great fellowship. Your library of resources is great, Lee and Ravi are two of my favorites. Have you read Lees evidence demands a verdict, In defence of Jesus. Appreciate your passion. God has brought out and as the old song goes

I did not bring you out this
Far to take you back again
I brought you out to take you
Into the promised land

Though there be giants in the
Land I will not be afraid He
brought me out to take me in
To the promised land


Amen to that!:muscle:t2::fire: yes I have read Lee’s book. Thanks brother.


Welcome Fredrik,

It is quite amazing to me, that RZIM Connect can join people from around the world :sweden: :us: so that we can encourage, strengthen, and learn from each other.

What a beautiful word from Psalms 40:3. "He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.

It sounds like you may have an amazing testimony that could encourage and bless others. If you wish to share it, we have a place on Connect where people can share their testimony, this is however a public forum, but if the Lord leads you to share, you can write it in the
Christian Growth Category

Whether you share your testimony, questions, or thoughts, I look forward to your contributions. :tulip:


I will do that!. Thank’s


@Fredrik Nice to meet you!


Nice to meet you to brother! :v:t2:


Welcome on board @Fredrik. Great picture of your family. So glad you have come alongside us here at connect. And thank you for your heart for seeking answers and learning from those whom God appointed to help us understand him better. I look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for joining from Sweden. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you so much brother! :pray:t2::fire:

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Your testimony is incredible, Israelsson @Fredrik I am so happy to meet you. What a lovely family and what a graceful hope you have. Welcome to RZIM Connect and do enjoy browsing and engaging.
God bless you brother.
From Nigeria.


Thank you so much my brother! yes this no fariy tail we believe in🔥 a fairy tail had never saved my life that day, from the darkest pit with no hope, no worth, he heard my simple tiny voice for help and from that very moment he totally restored my life. Amazing grace for sure!. To understand the words that he spoked out on that cross, “ it is finished “ he paid it all, so I could be free and saved forever. And even when he almost was dead, all the pain from his tortured body, his blood pouring down from his face, he heard from his side - think of my when you enter you kingdom! Not forgive me, or Jesus help me or even I believe in you, but Jesus saw his heart and looked in his eys and said - today you are gonna be with me in paradise!. That love is so hard to understand.

Blessings from Stockholm

// Fred