Freddy Kurniawan

Hi, my name is Freddy, and I live in Central Java, Indonesia with my father and my four siblings. I am currently working full-time as the Operations Manager for my father’s automotive business while taking an online seminary course from Talbot School of Theology. I speak 3 languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Mandarin Chinese. In my spare time, I enjoy leading a weekly bible study group, traveling, and eating.

I decided to enroll myself in RZIM Academy Core Modules last year to not only deepen my biblical understanding and open my eyes to the various theological perspectives, but also learn how to approach faith-related questions in a gentle and helpful way. I am blessed by the knowledge impartation by the institution’s leading apologists as well as the interactions between fellow thinkers and evangelists in the program. I wish to connect with more of you in the network through this platform. Let’s help one another and be fruitful!


Hi Freddy,
Welcome to Connect. I joined Connect several months ago; I have been greatly blessed to be a part of this community. Blessings to you as you participate! :wink:

Julia Whitt


Hello Freddie!

Welcome, I am new here myself and am encouraged by your desire and your educational goals as you press to learn and seek to know God better through this ministry!

May Bod Bless you Richly in your studies!


@freddykwan91 Nice to meet you!

Welcome Freddy, it’s great to have you with us! I look forward to you joining in on the conversations in Connect. You’ll enjoy meeting a lot of friendly and knowledgeable brothers and sisters in Christ and making friends as we see the same people interacting in the forum quite frequently! :blush:


Welcome aboard @freddykwan91. It is good to have you joining from Indonesia. I love this forum. I get to talk to somebody who is leading Bible studies in a foreign country. I hope that you enjoy the conversations. I hope you enjoyed the global connection of fellow christians who are dedicated to sharing their faith in a kind and gentle way. Congratulations on completing the core module and coming alongside of us. God-bless you and your journey.

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Freddy, what a great intro you posted. Welcome to connect, your full life must be rewarding. Thank you for sharing it will encourage many as they see your enthusiastic desire to learn and grow in and with this forum.


Hi Freddy, welcome!

I have met some Indonesian delegates during the last EAP in SG. I noticed that Biola-Talbot had made a great impact and influence for Christians in your country.

Maybe you know them (or maybe not, but it’s good to be connected here!)


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Welcome to the RZIM family, Freddy! I would love to learn another language, so I commend you for being fluent in three! I look forward to learning alongside you.

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Welcome! Helen …am also new here, I received encouragement, with great joy, herein, it’s super and very educative , many things to learn…
Congratulations :tada: