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Free Will 100% God or 100 % man or is free will part God and part man?

Is free will a choice of man or a choice from God? Further is free will part from God and part from man? Any help or comments would be appreciated.

Good question , @Jesus2020. To help answer it, I’ll link you to the following post:

I hope it gives you some of the direction you are looking for!

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Hi, @Jesus2020!

Do you think we could rephrase your question into this form:
Will God override man’s freewill to achieve His purpose?

Was Pharaoh’s hardening heart solely the Pharaoh’s choosing, or did God made Pharaoh to harden his heart just so He could justify his murder of the Egyptian first-born?

Will man’s eternal destination be purely of man’s own choosing, or did God tamper with their choices? Meaning there will be those going to heaven who did not want to be there, and vice versa?