My name is Friederike. I currently live in Berlin, Germany and work in a cultural heritage foundation. After moving to Berlin and being confronted with post-modern culture, I felt the need to learn how to engage with people from that background and to better understand the questions of our time, so I took part in the core module.
I hope to deepen my knowledge and to learn more about apologetics topics and questions.

9 Likes Nice to meet you!

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Hi Friederike! Schön, noch jemanden aus Deutschland hier zu treffen :+1: How do you like the Core Module? Have you finished it yet? These have been very instructive weeks for me and I always enjoy listening to the lectures. I look forward to your contributions. Enjoy browsing :smiley:


That’s awesome! Looking forward to learning about your experiences engaging the culture there :+1:


Welcome Friederike! Isn’t it wonderful to have such resources to help us learn how to be a witness in these modern times? I hope your life in Berlin is fruitful and that many are blessed by your presence and love of Christ. :blush:

3 Likes welcome. I also joined Connect after the core module. It is a fabulous course. You will find a lot of articles here and people who want to bring others to Christ. Welcome brother :handshake:

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Hi! Glad you found your way here! Use the search feature on connect to search for “post-modern” or any other topic you are interested in!

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