Friend asked for a Christian Book

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I have been talking to a friend about Christianity. She comes from a Buddhist background and is Chinese. She also think that maybe all religions are right and gives me a lot of arguments from Buddha. We have been going back and fourth and been discussing for over 2 months. She just read one of Erich Fromm’s books and me and her have agreed to do a book switch. A couple of questions:

What do you think I could recommend to her?
Does anyone know anything about Eric Fromm and what I should be expecting? I want to be prepared when I read that if we switch books. She wants to give me one of his books.

Also any advice when dealing with Eastern thought would be appreciated.:blush:

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@CipriCo What a great opportunity! Here are a few possible books representing a spectrum of approaches. Francis Chan’s book is pretty much just Gospel and a call to Jesus. J. I. Packer’s is more of an intellectual approach to understanding the God of the Bible, which should in turn leading to being able to tell the difference between the true God and the gods of other religions. Or Ravi has some resources more aimed at dialogue.

Let us know what you choose and how it goes. Christ grant you wisdom and open her eyes / heart / mind :slight_smile:

Books from Ravi

Knowing God

Crazy Love - Francis Chan

Eric Fromm

After doing a bit of reading, Fromm appears to be similar to Jordan Peterson in some ways - specifically that he uses Biblical terms / ideas to retell the modern myth of evolutionary psychology, sociology and ethics. You may benefit from some of these posts on Peterson.

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@CipriCo, what a wonderful opportunity to discuss the Lord Jesus with your friend! I’m praying God gives you wisdom as you pursue this conversation.

Your post reminds me of a story Michael Ramsden told in Beyond Opinion. A Buddhist woman once told him that she could never become an intolerant person like him by saying that other people are wrong.

I said, "You’re a Buddhist, right? She said, “Yes.” I continued, “Tell me, didn’t the Buddha say that Hinduism was wrong? Did he not reject the caste system, which is central to Hinduism, and state that the Vedas, their scriptures, were not divine?” And her face fell. She said, “He did say that. I read it this morning in my devotions.” I said, “My question to you is really quite simple. If you’re prepared to entertain the words of the Buddha, even though he said that millions of people were wrong, why are you not prepared to entertain what Jesus has to say when he says that some people are wrong?” (p. 147)

Have you ever asked your friend why the Buddha left Hinduism? If he left Hinduism because he believed it was wrong, we need to be as courageous as he was. We need to be bold enough to admit that some things are true and some are false, and we need to follow the truth whatever the cost.

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You know, I never thought of asking her that. Thats a very good point. She also refuses to believe that she might be wrong and that Jesus is the only way. She considers me to be some sort of fundamentalist for not accepting a more broader view of religion. Thats actually a good point!

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@CipriCo, have you read Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus and No God but One: Allah or Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi? These might not be the right books for your friend because they focus on the differences between Christianity and Islam, not Buddhism, but I really enjoyed reading about how Nabeel’s Christian friend witnessed to him. Nabeel shared a lot about this in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, and I think you would be blessed by that book

Nabeel admitted that their original conversations were quite haphazard, but after a year, they decided to get more systematic, so they tried to boil their faiths down to the very basic doctrines that would have to be true for the religion to be true. In No God but One, Nabeel said,

For Christianity, we found the answer in Romans 10:9, “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (NIV). Here we found the entire gospel message formulated as the minimum requirement for saving faith. It has three components: (1) that Jesus died, (2) that he rose from the dead, and (3) that he is God. (p. 152-153)

Then Nabeel and his friend David systematically examined the evidence for those three points.

Have you and your friend ever tried to distill Christianity and Buddhism down to their core doctrines? I’m curious whether your friend would agree that the three doctrines Nabeel named are the central points of Christianity. You might need to define Christianity as what the Bible teaches about God, since people can call themselves Christians and believe nothing at all.

If your friend agrees that these three points are central to Christianity, that could direct what book you want to exchange with her. A couple options would be The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel and More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell.

If she doesn’t agree that Christianity centers on the death, resurrection, and deity of Christ, would you share with us what she thinks? I’d love to know.

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Newbie here!!
You know your friend best. Some of the books suggested may not appeal to her, especially if she’s not searching in her heart. Talk to her on what values appeal to her. Work your way understanding her. She’s human enough to have feelings and emotions so get to know her and appeal to her values and emotions. If your knowledge, your time and resources are capable of sparring with hers, then be ready for a long haul. Prepare yourself like David Wood (&wife) prepared themselves to go all out for Nabeel.
Buddhism is very tolerant, patient and value driven. They observe our traits and values and behavior with others not just them.
Focus your conversations on: 1) the Sermon on the mount, 2) his actions justify Jesus’ teaching on earth for all to see 3) there was no one Jesus hurt (unlike Gauthama, who hurt his own family. Causing repercussions on his wife & child too. 4) Focus on the eternal reassurance and final act of Jesus that provides a ‘totally good’ resounding solution to the World’s problems, (no need of an unending cycle of rebirths). 5) one death and one heaven and one way and one God.(one salvation)…waiting patiently for man to simply make a choice…with a promise of no more evil in heaven.
Only a true God can make salvation so simple! Buddhism is only a struggle of mankind to reach God, whereas God loves to save, restore and live with His created beings.
Thanks for this opportunity to pray for you and your friend. In Jesus!

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I would recommend anything from Ravi like Jesus Among Secular gods. These would pertain to the matter.

Also, since Ravi is the best one to speak on this issue, I would google youtube videos of different talks that Ravi has done where he explained not only the differences, but also the issues and dilemas with eastern culture religion.

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I would definitely recommend the two books by Ravi Zacharias that @SeanO suggested, Jesus among Other Gods and the Lotus and the Cross. I’ve read them both and I believe they will both be very good reads for your friend!

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Ok everyone so I definitely think I am in the long run here. She is quite a stubborn person as she admitted and it looks like its going to be a journey.

@Jennifer_Wilkinson I follow David Wood and I know the story of him and Nabeel. Me and her have only just met not long ago so we dont know each other very well yet. I do have to agree that our conversations have turned a bit hazardous at times. This was due to my inexperience as well, as I just recently started engaging more with people about my faith. At times I forgot that I am answering a person not just an argument. I did apologise for this to her. I appreciate the advice

@philipimmaraj I am quite new to apologetics, and I am in the process of examining my faith more deeply as well at the moment. Your advice is appreciated. I need to study a bit more myself before I can engage with her on a more meaningful level. Engaging in apologetics I actually started seeing where I am lacking understanding in my faith. I am only 21 after all haha. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

I recommended to her The Lotus and The Cross.

She has sent me this response today, a series of videos and a letter. I sent her one last time on why Christianity is the right religion by Ravi & others so I suppose this is a reply.

Beginning of letter

I was almost giving up, I feel I’m so tiny also very hopeless… until I found this guy, I realized I am not alone here in Christian world…people already started realizing it…

His speech mostly covered the important points I found…

Sorry I wrote this very…rubbish letter, I’m so exhausted now…

I don’t really know what’s the meaning of this, you might just feel I’m devil? even though you probably would never say it…haha

But I believe I must do something for this situation…

From little step…give a try…as long I’m not aiming to be devil…

I don’t expect you to understand but I just hope you can read peacefully and think, what is in your heart.

Then I feel I done my job…

Then I can handle my test sheet to the one who sent me here…


By mentioning about culture difference, cause that’s the root of every difference. Western tends to interest in “why this happened?”, and eastern is more interested in “why I’m thinking about why this happen?” And then they go meditation in woods…That’s somehow a general fact…

a Chinese guy found Pythagoras theory 500 years earlier than Pythagoras, but no one made it a theory. Asian instruments never in tune, as nobody cares about the exact pitch the vibration… people came with guns during 19 Century, we are still using stupid weapons…western people talk very straight, but in China you need to guess the meaning behind…

At same time, things are always balanced, Asian culture had a better understanding of thoughts. Buddhism gave the theory about how our mind work very detailed 2000 years earlier than psychology found about our conscious and unconscious (<-where devil lives). Therefore, u can see that’s the seed of why Asian usually tend to work harder cause fight with unconscious is a culture meme. The practice of spirit is more solid.

And eventually people realized thoughts and words cannot tell u everything, they reach the limit of human mind. In that case all the religion people in Asian are more tolerant than religion people in western as people knows in spiritual area, you just cannot tell…we can never know what it is…You can never judge if the image that others are believing is wrong. Obeying this universal rule is all we can do, sacrifice our own will for it… and that shows how much we respect this spiritual being that we cannot see and imagine, that’s the only way to talk to him. Therefore, we are one.

Also it bought a very typical Chinese culture meme “Win-win”(for example the “Belt and Road Initiatives“) instead of defeating others in order to win but we can both win, only when everyone is happy, the balance will be found. Only peace and working together can make things continue.

So Non-contradiction doesn’t work for spiritual world, or it might works, but you can never know—non-contradiction doesn’t work again. People really should stop fight with each other because their “dream”, I mean we are all human that’s the truth…let’s love… It’s not a word, we should feel it in the heart, not just say it (will explain bit more later).

Also, I can tell… in Buddhism teaching, it said lots of same thing as what Jesus said in bible. In that case, Non-contraction doesn’t work in terms of religion, otherwise it will be like, Buddhism is 100% false, then Christianity should be partly false as well…

Even your experience with god has another Buddhism version from my other friend…

By the way, about what Ravi said, Buddhism teach you that you can save yourself without god, I guess the most important condition is missing, that is “what is god?”, The one that created Christianity or whole universe?

(Well that’s why I sent you the book cause it analysis this culture thing, I read other books about culture difference says basically the same thing as well…as I told you… it’s not a religion book for any -ism… it’s the fact with a psychological speculate…)

Ok let’s dig into this. Why people keep arguing about religion?

Mainly two reasons:

1. Lack of understanding of things (unwise)

2. Competitive ego (against to peace and love)

Jesus is so right about to be wise.

I’m sorry for Ravi and some other Christian guys (nothing to do with Jesus, Christianity is group of people who follow Jesus but not himself). They post their understanding about Buddhism on internet, 80% are…interpret out of context, or completely misunderstood…

Culture, religion, people spend years to study… I don’t know if they had calm down and open their eyes tried to truly understand Asian cultures and religions, or they already give the conclusion about it must be wrong, and then pick some surface information as their example and spread to lots of people and created a large misunderstanding :((

I’m not angry at all, I just feel sad I cried, that’s where this weird unpeaceful feeling between people come—wrong information caused by unwise and over-confidence. Even though people say, I’m tolerant, I’m loving, I’m following Jesus to be wise. But if they truly are in their deep heart, then the situation shouldn’t be like this, well at least not like now. Buddhism has different sets, as a person who touched two religions, I even didn’t feel been separated from two religions spiritually, and all the theory I know could be combined somehow (After I seriously read what’s the goal in my one…and read bible instead of listening how people say) I actually feel I’m stronger as there are two being agree with what I need to do.

(If u wondered what’s the misunderstanding… I could tell you some… I mean people really should be careful about what they say in front of people… Do not forget our original sin even people feel they been already saved by Jesus…?)

Competitive, self-ambition is very bad. But they exist in your heart so deep.

I personally feel in that video when Ravi tells us about the Buddhism woman, he is not humble enough, the way he asked those questions has a very strong direction:

I’m here to tell you that you are wrong; I’m here to defeat your religion.

Maybe in his mind buddha is just a human, himself been protected by god…I mean … even though buddha is human but he is a special human for sure…me as a normal stupid human…at least I don’t dare to be like that…dangerous…

When he was telling another woman’s story about the guy suicide on her lap… I am sorry I just cannot understand the intention of that… A truly good thing is good enough by itself, you don’t really need to compare to others in order to show the difference, and that’s a painful story, you would just want this pass away asap instead of sharing, as long as you bring the woman to peace through god, that all you need to do isn’t it… what’s the meaning of boast ourselves and step on others at same time?

You know what is the worst thing? He will send this message behind words to people who is watching. Your devil will be active, especially when it dresses the clothes of Jesus…Christian become more competitive unconsciously, non-Christian feel extra suffering. No love is passing though this but different type of devil…

If he didn’t aim for that, if he is humble enough and knows we know very little about the world, he might would feel…hmmm, that doesn’t really make sense, you sure u understand what Buddha means cause that’s a very obvious problem, and how this religion exists for thousands years with those obvious problem?

Well, that’s what I feel from the first second I know about Christianity, I never dare to feel Jesus is wrong, or judge him even I really don’t know who is him. I was telling my dad we know so less about Christianity, but I think it can exist in western for thousand years, there must be a very solid meaning, but we just haven’t discovered. I was always considering people might carry the wrong information to me, so I afraid of some Christian people in China, they threaten me so much… They keep active my devil unconscious that’s judge with unwise and feel this religion is insane, because I think a good religion should only bring me peace and love not threatens… But I know I cannot judge religion just like that. (So, when I ask u about any Christian problem I can promise to god, I never tried to win you, I just wanted to understand.)

In that case, I think the method of meditation and practice the ability of introspection really help us to calm down, and check our heart, every of our thoughts and intentions. Ask ourselves: Am I truly doing the thing that Jesus asked me to do in my deep heart? Am I asking this with a truly humble heart? Am I making this decision with a truly wise mind?

Introspection is very important. Cause you might say right thing with a wrong intention, and the result will be horrible, that’s the magic of spirit as well.

As I said earlier, Asian studies more about spirit, so they know how unconscious, how hidden intentions work, and how they mess up your life…Therefore in Buddhism you need to practice to be strong enough to correct unconscious and introspecting every of your little thoughts. (That’s where the misunderstanding about you can help yourself without god came from. But I mean…you can practice it, that’s not a belief that’s a scientific truth but Asian people found it much earlier than western…and Jesus said you are sinned, but not you cannot stop doing it. I guess that’s why Buddhism never had any bloody fight cause they really spent time on checking their intentions, if you are 100% peaceful, there’s 0% you will fight with people…and some people in western religions claim consciously for god but behave for devil unconsciously…)

So far, I hope I could ask you:

What dose accept Jesus into your life means? Accepting him in words, tell people you are christian and claim for him or be like him and let his truth live inside your deep heart (unconscious)?

I personally consider bible as a spiritual food, I think what Jesus hope us to be is “I’m not angry” instead of “bible said I shouldn’t be angry”, “Oh I need to figure this out!” instead of “bible said I should be wise.” it’s very different.

Bible is a physical thing, devil lives in your spirit, devil can tell you “go! Fight for bible!”, “Just judge others for Jesus, Don’t think too much as long as you are claim for Jesus!”.

Jesus delivered his message by a physical thing but eventually you should somehow feed it to the heart, then you don’t carry the name anymore, bible becomes the standard in your heart in a wordless way but a power, bible becomes the army fight with devil in the deep heart. Bible cannot not clean your devil as a physical being but let Jesus himself through bible lives inside your heart (again! not your conscious not your words). Do not just give your kids a bible, grab their hand, go outside and find the truth everywhere, feed them to their heart, so no matter what’s happened, the standard is in their heart not in bible or the picture of Jesus which is a physical matter, they will be safe from every situation…

I trained myself on this for 3 years, I’m still doing it every day…introspect my little hidden thoughts, correct them. And now I even changed how I behave to all those scary thing and ghosts in my dream, I will give my hand to them friendly for helping them instead of trying to scare them back by my anger when my conscious is definitely offline, I personally consider that’s the real time people can say I feel Jesus lives in my heart, devil is gone completely instead of hiding in a deeper place and ask you do devil by Jesus’ name!

Thus, all my emotions are like very mild kids under my control…When I arrive here, my world changed completely, and it became very clean, happy and peaceful, I mean from deep heart! Not conscious!!!

What the change means? Jesus said love your enemies, that’s the way he tells you now when enemies are still in your heart, but when you truly love your enemies, there’s nothing called enemy anymore…!

I think for Christian, some problem of evil will “disappear”, cause it is a metaphysics playing limited by physical mind set on the physical level, and people want prove they are the winner. But now your spirit is free from it…exclusion is gone, cause there’s no exclusion in love, you don’t feel exclusion in your heart when Jesus truly lives in your heart because he is love.

So that’s how eastern method and culture helps you be a better Christian…and help Christianity(this huge group of people)away from being in some meaningless situation…people stop suffering from arguing…or draw an exclusive circle claim they hold the truth…(I mean once a real argument happened, that must be created by devil never by love. Exclusion can never exist with love at same time.)

Somehow, I feel that might be God’s plan. He gave the gift of science to western and the gift of spirit to eastern. Science developed a lot in western world, people realized there’s no heaven in the sky and no hell under, their devil might start smiling, and this scientific mind makes them suffer when they trying to explain things that they can never explain…So they started away from truth. But with the development, eastern culture started meet western culture, it tells you yes, you cannot see god, but we have so many evidences that there is a rule of the universe. We must listen to the rule of universe. And they give you a way, a better method to let Jesus lives in your heart and clean the devil out. Cause you cannot say the rule is not set by god, hmm but definitely not the image of god though…

-I mean, god created everything, why he gave Asian up for thousand years? He loves human right? He is love right? He didn’t give our any Jesus but bunch of devil religions let us away from him, and Jesus is god he has super power he even didn’t want to fly to Asia and save us by the way? Is that the God, the Jesus Christianity claim that is perfect, fair, great and love? Lots of generation in thousand years already dead, and went to the hell, and even now he still did not let any Jesus Christ thing happen in Asia…? I mean he even didn’t give us a chance to choose in the very beginning? Can you believe that is the god supposed to be?

I don’t know if Jesus said no matter how spiritual you are you wouldn’t be saved by me if you don’t call yourself a Christian. But I know he said if you call him without following the will of god you will not be able to be in the heaven.

What dose Christian means? If the words can be more important than a loving heart and action? I think his answer is no.

What dose accept Christ mean? I guess is abandon devil, and do good works faithfully… I have faith for truth not the name Jesus, dose it means I didn’t accept Jesus Christ?

“… and you also were included in Christ when you heard the massage of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy spirit.” Ephesians 1;13

I don’t see Jesus claim exclusively, but how people understand Jesus trying to give him an exact shape makes him exclusive. And the way how people think it should be made the religion exclusive, we are sinned, we are exclusive from nature. I mean, there’s no exclusion in love on any level. Again, if Jesus truly lives in your heart, there’s no exclusion.

What I hope to say is…

Be wise , wise is the only way to keep your eyes seeking for the truth. Knowing god is about knowing everything on the earth, well it depends on if you consider god only created Christianity? Or the earth and universe? If he created whole earth then knowing about everything on the earth is the most direct way to knowing about him, to guess who he is. When things become more and more connected, that is the time you are going to discover much more magic from god than you imagine. Don’t judge others easily, that’s god’s creation as well. But truly respect it without exclusive, you will recognize not only seeing.

Be sober , about whether you are knowing God through your heart through Jesus’ words or through people’s definitions, devil and some symbolic things. If you know how popular mind works, then you will know, when people formed into a group, they really can make devil a truth! (that’s why we should be wise, wise give you the eye to see how devil works in hidden place.)

“The lamp of the body is the eye, if your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body shall be full of darkness…” Matthew 6:22-23

What you see in the teaching is what you have in your heart.

If people made you become exclusive, made you unwise, and afraid to know any other things apart from sticking to their group…

You really should think, if they are telling you the truth about god about love about wise, about brave… or the devil of unwise, fear which dressed like truth.

I will quote something from the book I sent to you, “…But nevertheless, the person who believe in god—even if he did not live god—felt himself to be superior to the one who lived god, but didn’t “believe” in him…”

The only way to exam if it’s devil or Jesus is through love, not through their name. They claim for Jesus but bring you to devil, create all these horrible situations between those lovely people…Some became exclusive, some be hurts by exclusion like me really… People feel you are wrong, you will go to hell if you are not Christian even though truth and love already in your heart very deeply, but allow those who said they are Christian and claim for exclusion for unwise for devil?

Some people are saying they claim for Jesus they claim for truth, but I really hope they can stop speaking and look inside their heart “are u claim for truth or claim for hidden devil?” “Did you understand what’s the truth Jesus told you?”

I just simply believe, a complete loved being will only bring people the feeling of love and peace, cause there is no darkness in him, a group of complete loved people should only bring world the feeling of love and peace, cause they don’t speak for devil. I believe Jesus is perfect being, I believe god wouldn’t forget any life on this earth, he will use his way to send the message of truth to us, and he lives in us if you open your heart deeply, even though we talk different language. Stop making him petty, that might be devil’s plan…

Why we need to eliminate desire first? Cause only when your desire is gone, your heart is pure, the love in your heart then have a chance to be pure, it would not be mixed with any self-ambition… Like when you move into a house, you will clean every room before you move the furniture in, otherwise the furniture will cover the dust, you cannot see, but dust is still here.

Meditation is not asking you to be an autism, it is asking you look inside yourself, check your intension, make sure everything is pure, make sure there’s no dust. You can see people, talk how much you love with a hidden dusted heart. But when your heart is clean, you don’t necessarily need a communion for love, cause even a person you meet on the street corner, you see love.

I think truth doesn’t need to be claimed, think about what is the intention of claiming?

It will come out from your heart, when you talk, when you smile, it flows around you, it’s very beautiful and people will feel it for sure, they will like you, you will influence them, then they will join you, cause, we will be touched by love, we all need to be saved by love.

I never really tell people I’m Buddhism or whatever, I learned and practice the truth of love and mercy in this school called “Buddhism” cause I born in Asia. I wouldn’t say where I belong to, I believe the truth is in the heart in the spirit, not any name or any group formed by people, but I belong to this one nobody knows, I cannot imagine him, but I received his message, I feel him, and I believe Jesus will know that he is in my heart.

“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the spirit and in truth.” John4;24

Once people eventually understand this, lots of problem will be solved immediately.

God is like an invisible teacher, the only way we check if a person is god’s people is by checking what he learned in his heart, not how he calls himself, words can lie, but love can’t.

I would like to ask you again:

What dose accept Jesus into your life means?

Let his light shine inside your spirit completely or hold a bulb called Jesus in your hand?

Are you answering this question by your wise or how people told you? :slight_smile:

Let me have a bold guess…

Maybe some people who call themselves Christian haven’t be saved by Jesus, cause Jesus never get into their spirits, devil still leaves here, and when the final day come, your name your body your bible your cross will be left on the earth, only your spirit will go and meet god…

“Not everyone says to me ‘lord, lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who dose the will of my father who is in the heaven.” Matthew7:21

“Faith by itself, if it doesn’t have works, is dead.” James 2;17

“The acts of sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality…hatred, discordselfish ambition , dissentions , factions and envy; Drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like that will not inherit that Kingdom of God. ” Galatians 5:19-26

Well, I read bible, I feel I definitely be loved by Jesus and I mean he is already in my heart and when I read it, I just feel warm, he is a very lovely and powerful friend, and he even heal the damage by exclusion in my heart, cause he said dissentions and factions is wrong…

You know, people are busy for claiming, not for reading Jesus’ every words and checking their heart.

In that case I have no problem to be a Christian, I mean I am, but I don’t want to call myself Christian, cause name brings exclusive. I don’t want to be exclusive, I just want to share the love in a truly inclusive way (I can tell that is the only reason stop me to say I am a Christian, I do not want to join a group been taught to be exclusive…) But Jesus is not exclusive, people made him exclusive! I do not feel love sometimes when I watch Christian video, that is a problem.

I guess I love Jesus, I knee to his suffering, but not much for Christianity at that moment, haha.

I mean if Buddha haven’t taught me to be wise, mercy and humble, the way to introspect my heart… my parents haven’t encouraged me to know more about this world… I wouldn’t find the right Jesus and have a chance to love him. In that case, Buddha is not devil, but some Christian is devil, haha…

Read those verses, think deeply…

“He who dose not love dose not know god, for god is love” John 4;8

“Love is patient, love is kind, It doesn’t envy, it doesn’t boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love dose not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” Corinthians 13;4-8

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest is love.” 1 Corinthians 13;13

Love is the only way to connect everything, it is bigger that faith and hope.

Therefore, I guess, God is love, God is everything presenting Love, god exist everywhere if there is a possibility for love…

Love your brother like how you love god, your brother became your god cause you give him the love for god…

Your enemies are your god, Buddhism is your god, even your pet can be your god as you love him like how you love god.

If you really give the love for god to everything, no more exclusion can exist in you heart anymore.

god is huge, not petty isn’t it?

Make Jesus huge is not by extending Christianity because Christianity is not Jesus, not by judging others cause if they do love, then you are judging your god… But make it by your heart, have the love like Jesus has in his heart, Then Jesus is huge, Jesus connect us, because he is god, god is love, people who has love is Christian, cause Jesus live inside people who has love…

I mean, if in the very beginning, you say… “Oh, Jesus said he is love, so every time when you feel love, then I guess that’s the time Jesus are saying hello to you, if you like it, then you can say thanks lord to save me from coldness and give me this priceless love! Then Jesus will hear you:)” I will say yes for sure, I will do it! Then people took the first step for knowing a warm Jesus. And if you say, “I can feel love from you, that might be the clue that Jesus is asking you to join us, we all loved people, and we aim to share more love to the world:)!” I mean, I will join.

Try this to non-Christian who doesn’t know the truth, it’s way much better than make them feel they are someone sinned and stupid that are going to hell, and Jesus would never care what they do but only care if they call themselves Christian, and those people who still do devil thing got saved because they joined a group call Christianity, Jesus only care about western people…

Well, Jesus never said that…

Let them go with your love and patient, they will come back to you.

Threaten them with you exclusive, they will run further.

You offer love, you receive love; You offer devil, you receive devil; You offer devil covered by love, you receive devil; you offer love covered by devil, you receive devil.


Most of all people lives in their own culture, and knows very less about others, they judge the most with confidence. (Culture, religion, politics, life style…)

Some of them travel but never spend time on thinking

Some of those who tried to think but got wrong information

Only few, find the real thing. They judge the least, if they judge, they judge watchfully with humble. As they realized how less they know.

And people tend to believe those how judge with confidence.

That’s why this argument is so huge and so hard to stop.

I think I must do something by my little power slowly and slowly.

I believe being peace and bring the peace to people is truth.

Working for peace will always be my goal…

Thank you for reading!

End of letter

This is the link of videos she sent me:

Honestly, I have been going to emotional doubt recently regarding my faith which has been really painful and causing me anxiety so I am still healing from that and apologetics seems to be a trigger so until I fully heal from that I want to take a break. I told her I will respond in due time but at the moment I dont feel ready to engage in this arena. I know my limits. If everyone wants to have a crack at this they can.

Thank you all for your support! Whenever I will get to write a response I will come back and ask for advice. I’ve ran through the letter briefly it and I see a lot of ideas which can be easily refuted but I have to resist the temptation haha. God bless!

(SeanO) #10

@CipriCo Praying that would be rooted and firmly established in Christ deeper each day and that the Lord would give you wisdom when to rest and when to engage :slight_smile:

(Philip Immaraj) #11

Heya Ciprian,
Mate!! That is one person I really really respect. Tell her that I and others are praying for her and that the Holy Spirit is working to produce in all of us the same maturity that she is striving for. It is His work to search our(mankind’s) hearts and know us, to try us to know our thoughts. Ps 139:23
Urgent action : Tell her she is not far from the Kingdom of Heaven. She has got the essence of Christianity as Jesus wanted all of us to be. Tell her that she is loved and cherished by Jesus. Jesus Loves her just as he loved the man who said that he obeyed the laws that taught him to LOVE GOD and LOVE MAN! It says - Jesus looked at him in love and said:" you are not far from the kingdom!"
Your friend asks: “Which God?” She only needs to believe in the ONE God - her Creator - God her Father the one who sent her here into this world*(in her own words)*. Our Bible very clearly mentions this particular God who sends each of us into this world perhaps “as a test" before the real eternal world (in her own words). In the Bible it says " The Son meaning Jesus has made Him known!” .
God is described by so many individuals who wrote of their encounters with God. Both in the Bible and in other books.They wrote their true-life stories. There are people who are still writing their life stories till today and that is why John writes that the world will not be able to hold all the books that write about peoples encounters with God. To know which stories are ‘truthful’ and which is "The Truth" is revealed in the vast majority of stories. People wrote about strange happenings that turned their lives around or changed them to follow The Truth.(This is the true born-again experience - please throw out the ‘accept Jesus to become a christian’ line) Their lives now had a purpose, a meaning in all things happening to them, no more coincidences, they understood death, eternity, and an all-powerful, all-knowing God with a master-plan in which everyone (all creation!) takes part!
She can start writing her story now as she is encountering the True God who is speaking to her. Your job is only to hold her hand. Does not require human intelligence at this stage…she knows! She understands, She is struggling. She is picking at threads. She is hoping that that the whole tapestry (masterpiece of God’s plan) starts to loosen or may unravel a virtual unreality that Christians “have manufactured”. She is desperate to believe but the cross is a stumbling block. Buddhism struggles with sin and evil. She is claiming the supreme two commands of Jesus as being identical to Buddhism. She is struggling with the God identity.
IF Jesus commands us to do the two things that will give Him glory and if she is doing that, fine! let Jesus speak to her through that. You only have to show and demonstrate your love for Jesus IN THE SAME WAY.

  1. Keep in touch with her.
  2. Hold her in your prayers pleading the Holy Spirit speaks to her in her understood way. It’s a journey that all of us are travelling. You realize who Jesus is, so will she in her own journey. We understand the difficulty we faced in our journey, so just encourage and walk with her. Discover with wonder the good things that Jesus shows in His gentle way.
  3. Keep believing and hoping in God to achieve what He would do in her life, while you stop sparring with her and entrust her into God’s caring hands.
  4. You don’t have to argue or sell Jesus to her. If Jesus is already attractive to her personally let her come to Jesus in her own way.
  5. Just accept her and
  6. listen to her and
  7. ensure that she keeps reading. You occasionally ask her how far she has read and to voice her thoughts. (She is already reading the Bible and learning about Jesus). Be a friend and you will need to keep your own standards pretty high too.
  8. When she feels hurt by others, set her eyes back on Jesus who forgives, reconciles us to God and each other. Tell her to not be blinded by others views/opinions. “Looking unto Jesus and running the race!”
  9. When she asks questions she feels she can’t understand - lead her to the Holy Spirit to ask Him in prayer. If there are things you would like to answer her then run it(your answer) past the RZIM forum groups before replying.
  10. Reassure she is not of the devil. Reassure her that Buddhism is acknowledged as a way of life by many. Reassure that you accept that there is good in every religion and way of life, as long as she understands that the devil prompts us to evil and God prompts us to love Him and Others. Just because some people put Christianity versus everything (…else in the World!) as their prime purpose, they forget Jesus.
    We are all sojourners and we must encourage others in their revelation by being the example that Jesus is. Let your life be the proof, the proof of His love.

Nothing more you personally can do except the above.
Hoping you will read this before you go on your leave. Praying for you and your friend.
Stay strong and entrust yourself daily to Him,
In His love.