“Say hello…”

…erm. Hello? :raised_hand:

“Where are you from?”

Los Angeles

“What led you to join Connect?”

I have been listening to RZIM podcasts for years and years and have a lot of questions.

“How do you hope to contribute?”

Not sure I can! Perhaps by asking questions other people also are wondering? This question makes me anxious, like I don’t belong here. :fearful:


Welcome to Connect @Fritters! We are glad you are here! Questions mean you definitely belong here!

Please ask one!


Fritters I totally agree with Joshua you joined a great community to help, encourage, and build your faith. I am so glad you found us post any questions you would like. God direct and guide


I have asked a question! Thank you both for your friendliness!


@Fritters Nice to meet you!


Welcome aboard @Fritters. Thank you for joining us. I reviewed your question. It is a very good one. I think Jesus’ experiences as a human being lend us appreciation that he would choose when he would not have had to to come among us and experience humanity’s pain, uncertainty, death, etc. Yes, he had the benefit of knowing many things we cannot. . after all he is God. But we are blessed. Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe. I hope you enjoy the discourse. Please continue participating. Your questions spur other members like me to think and explore. God-bless you and your journey.

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