From Broadcast to Connect

I first became aware of RZIM after hearing a “Let My People Think” broadcast many years ago. My first thought was, “Wow! This guy (Ravi) is fabulous! I wish I could I talk about the Gospel the way he does.” Then I began prayerfully and financially supporting RZIM because I knew I could never speak before the intelligentsia of this world or on college campuses. But I could support those who do. The financial support led to regular emails from RZIM. About a year ago, RZIM advertised its Core Module (CM) class. The content of the course intrigued me because I had been stymied as to how to talk to my borderline atheist cousin who was way ahead of me with his worldview. I didn’t know how to respond except to tell him that God loves him and to share the Gospel message, which he already knew from our Christian family.
So, I signed up, terribly intimidated that I wouldn’t be able to keep up or understand this “higher level” of theological teaching. I had read Nabeel Qureshi’s books and understood them, maybe I could brave the Core Module. It had been a good fifty years since my college days in Home Economics…far different from the Schools of Philosophy and Science, or Theology. I was right. It was hard…at first.
Two of our assignments for the class required us to interview persons of other worldviews. Having never done this, I took a deep breath and asked my Muslim next-door neighbor and my cousin. We were only to listen, not comment during the interviews. As I continued with CM and interacted with the others on the forum, my confidence grew, and I found I was able to share my thoughts as well as encourage the others.
Shortly after completing CM, I received an email from “some guy” :wink: named Carson Weitnauer inviting me to consider becoming an active participant of Connect. I had to read it several times to figure out what this was because I wasn’t aware of Connect nor what it was about. The rest is history. I’m on my third Academy class and have thoroughly engrossed myself in Connect. What has been so amazing is that I’ve been able to waken a part of my brain that has been lying dormant and complacent for years.
Connect has been an answer to a promise and gift God gave me when I was in my thirties that I was a teacher and would teach women. While I have had sporadic opportunities to teach, one of which was to female inmates in a local prison, I have questioned God as to what purpose He had in mind when He gave me that gift because it seemed I haven’t been able to see its fulfillment. God has given me His answer through Connect. He’s expanded that vision of teaching women to now include men and women all over the globe. What a concept! What a God!! Another benefit of the Academy and Connect is that I have made some dear friends whom I will probably never meet in the remainder of my lifetime, but who are treasures that enrich my life, regardless.
I will never be able to be on a par with the well-known apologists on the RZIM team, but I’m also no longer intimidated. I will use whatever God gives me and receive from those who also share on Connect. It’s a win-win proposition.


Hey Sharon,

What an encouraging testimony! I find myself relating to your feelings of insecurity in relation to getting your head around the complexity of this material. I’m sure it will keep us both very humble for years to come!

Like you, I began listening to Ravi through some pod casts, and then later took the Core Module. I found it very challenging. I was grateful for the opportunity to re-listen over an over until I felt like I understood the lessons better. I honestly never thought I would like taking classes online where I couldn’t interact with the professor, but my opinion has changed some on this point. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking forward to hearing your insights as we go long these 12 weeks.

Blessings, Lorri


Hi @sgewehr, this is incredibly encouraging! I am so grateful that we are growing in our faith together through this community. It is a blessing to have you involved!


Thank you for sharing this inspiring testimony. I have read some of your responses in this forum and have been very blessed by them.
I think the interview in the core module was a brilliant idea. It pushes us out of our comfort zone, teaching us to listen well and giving us courage to address other world views. I pray God will continue to bless your desire to teach :pray:t3:
And who is this Carson guy every one keeps talking about??? :wink::joy:


Yes, He does seem to be a looming presence :sunglasses:
Thank you for your encouragement, Sieglinde @sig . As I have been interacting on Connect, I have seen that your gift is one of encouragement and of welcoming new members. Your face is usually following a new to Connect post. What more important gift than to make someone new feel appreciated and valued. I suspect that is the way you are in your daily life off Connect.
I love your smile. Blessings.


Hello @sgewehr!
I was so encouraged in reading your post and couldn’t help but laugh out loud :joy: in several places! You are such a gift to Connect and I am so grateful to see how God is using you in such amazing ways! God bless you sister, praying for you always! :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom: