From East to West - Truly, There's God in the Shadows

Hi All,

I’m a Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer and an Indian citizen, currently living in Ontario, Canada working as a Robotics Software Developer - designing and building studio robots.

Back in 2013, I was doing my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering in India when my roommate - Job Jagesh - introduced me to one of Ravi’s debates in YouTube. Ravi’s and Michael Ramsden’s ideas inspired me to read more and understand more about Christ. But as it is often the case with me, bringing real change my life did take its time.

Two years later, in the year 2015, I had a discussion about Christian faith with one of my grade 8 classmates. Her pointed questions and clarity of thought influenced me to think deeper … To be honest, I felt like a big mess talking complex ideas on Christian faith, but failing to put them into practice. As Ravi say it, the longest journey is that from the mind to the heart. At that point, I started thinking about what a God-centeric life would mean, say 5 years from then. I felt that it was time to do less talk and do more to move towards something deep and meaningful in life.

Later on, I bought Ravi’s book "I Issac, Take Thee Rebecca”, “The Grand Weaver”, and “Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows” and spent time understanding the depth of the ideas. The last 5 years have been the time I had struggled the most in my life, but at the same time that was one of the most meaningful times - focusing on building a Christ-centric life. I gave a commitment to that old friend - starting a long distance relationship with her in prayer, moved from India to Canada to build a family here, proposed her for marriage at Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal and we hope to get married soon. It was Ravi’s words that inspired me to build a meaningful life.

I hope to contribute to the mission of Christ through writing and my God-given ability to love and help people around me. I wish to live a meaningful life and die satisfied - like Ravi.

Abin Alex Pothen


Abin, welcome to Connect and thank you for sharing your story! It is an inspiring witness to the goodness of God and the blessing that Ravi’s ministry has brought to the world. God bless you brother! :blush:


Thank you for the warm welcome, Carrie. God bless you too. :slight_smile:


You have just blessed my soul :heart: Welcome to connect @Abin_Pothen and thank you for this beautiful heartfelt introduction :pray:t3: I look forward to reading more from you as you engage in this community.
Take care


I’m glad to hear that, Sieglinde. :slight_smile: Thanks for your friendly welcome to RZIM Connect … I look forward to getting involved in the important conversations of the time!


Welcome to connect @Abin_Pothen. Thank God for your struggle. I hope that you get what you quest for. Helping people around you could start right here. Welcoming a new member or encouraging a member who might be struggling in the same way you have will be a great tribute to this ministry. It certainly would be a blessing. I wish you the best in your quest end your eventual marriage. Living a God centered life will give you a soft pillow at night. God-bless you and your journey.

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