From One Season to the Next

Hi all

A couple of months ago I signed up for a Messenger program for YWAM DTS, and recently got accepted (wooh :smiley:)

I also found that this being a new season coming, I thought I might expand my skill set (since I’m single) for Apologetics. Recently read Ravi’s book the Grand Weaver which placed a huge focus on how my life is to be ordained in Gods will.

Another book I’ve been taking notes on is Greg Koukl’s Tactics, something that I’m REALLY excited about using, especially seeing how it could work with my current knowledge (limited, but I’m planning on going back into the brief arguments in JP Morelands book Love God with All Your Mind)

But I also realise that it takes time to practice these conversational techniques, so I want to test them out whilst I’m here in the Kibbutz, just to gain some experience on further improving my new craft.

Do you recommend getting the basic arguments for Gods existence, the Resurrection and the Reliability of The Gospels first as a solid base, or should I do conversations first and then improve my knowledge from there?


So glad you have these opportunities. What a blessing. I love both those books especially Grand Weaver. I would say there is no right way. Just engage others with love and gracious/attractive dialogue. Certain themes repeat so just doing will suffice. As questions or challenges arise ask the Lord for help and concentrate on the topic you were challenged. Have you considered the core module in RZIM academy? It is a very key foundational approach and the tenets taught are awesome. And, you are given guided assignments to converse with others. May God grant you wisdom and opportunities in this season that energize you. God-bless. Would love to hear how it goes.


Thanks @Keldon_Scott

To be honest, I don’t have any money to try out the RZIM Core Module (it’s something that I’ve wanted to do a year back). But looking at the situation I’m in, I’m assuming God just wants me to focus on the resources I have.

The way I see it, it’s kind of like I’m blooming where I’m planted (Greg Koukl’s words), or I’m just trying to be faithful with the little things first, before going on to do something big.

Who knows, maybe God will provide me an opportunity to do it, but I’m placing my trust in Him for now.


Hey @Keldon_Scott

I realise I’m not ready. I have yet to bring myself to become a proper disciple for Christ with good character, so I’ll submit that to the Lord for YWAM. I do think studying is a good idea, so I’ll keep reading and what not. But right now I’ll focus on what career I need for the future. But the main thing is for me is to just continue enjoying God and His word right now.


It is great to hear you are involved with YWAM. It is a fabulous organization. As far as evangelism works, you have got it spot on, just focus on Him and your relationship with Him. Others will see that. Share your testimony when times are right and if you want a bit of wisdom from RZIM you could use what Ravi calls the 3-4-5 grid. Ask people four questions about what they believe about origin, meaning, morality and destiny. This sure opens up conversation :slight_smile:
As for doing something big for God. I have been on the “field” since 09’ in Asia and am yet to do anything big. He is more interested in what he is doing in you than what he is doing through you! Keep up the good work brother.


Hey, so great to see you’re joining this program. I’m sure you’ll grow so much through it. I’d love to hear from your experiences from it!

To answer your question, personally I think we should do both at same time (study on your personal time, and be active in going out and sharing).
From my experience, you can get very good training, feel you have been well equiped, but then as you go out and encounter people, you just freeze out and lose all the material you had just couple minutes ago.
I mean sharing faith is not something that you just do 1-2-3-4 (even though there are some technics that we can use, like the 4 points from CRU, or things like that) but often it would get you into deep conversations that can take all kind of turns. So I guess the more you speak with the people, the more you will have to think about different questions and ways to answer them. That is where all the reading and preparation you do aside can come usefull. But you would also need I guess to experience talking to people, to get better habbits, be trained in following people’s thoughs and concern and be able to answer quickly but relevantly.