Fundraising Job suited for me at a Hospital

Asking for Prayer. I have applied to 5 or 6 post in the past 2 weeks. Please pray for me.


  1. God’s provision
  2. Favor with Employers
  3. Words to say on Phone or in Person.
  4. God would help me to engage the interview and lead it if the person seems lost or asks me inappropriate questions.
  5. A vision for the job.
  6. Ample preparation time before interview.
  7. 1st Interview leads to 2nd and most likely 3rd interview.
  8. Offer exactly what the LORD wants me to be paid.
  9. Job would not exceed 45 to 50 hours.
  10. Allow me to do work from home office.
  11. God would use me as His ambassador in a fulltime position within a Progressive Liberal God ignoring, Atheistic Society.
  12. A position of leadership helping others soar their talents and skills and contribute to a main goals.
  13. Employer would see me as perfect fit for the position.

Those are my topline items. Thanks. I have asked family and church members. Thanks for the help. Jesus reigns! Is LORD! Thank you LORD.


@Mkibos Praying that the Lord would guide you to the right location where you could serve others and share His truth in love :slight_smile:


A hat trick in this town. But our God is the IMPOSSIBLE maker. For us, no way. With Him everything good and perfect. Thanks.

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Praying for open doors for the job God has chosen for you. May He fulfill the desires of your heart as you seek His glory.


His way. His provision. Yahweh Yireh. The LORD God our Provider us and the X-Slaves in the Wilderness. When they learned God provided their every need. Their shoes and clothes didn’t wear out. In my own life, I have seen God provide as a child and adult over and over again, heal family members and me from eating disorders and a crushing bike accident. My husband from cancer when we prayed over him.

God took this immigrant’s daughter speaking Russian and poor through 5 universities. Studying 5 instruments. 23 jobs. Runway Modeling, Radio Broadcasting, High School Counseling, marketing, sales, fundraising, program management, and public speaking, and training teams. To God be the glory. God gave me the gift of growing up poor, feeling ugly, and stupid. I had to keep looking to Jesus my Savior. Even as a child. We were too dark for some and then too light for others. I learn how to run fast. I even ran a couple of Boston Marathons. God is tooooo funny. 45 years of age. Dead on arrival for Boston. Yet the LORD.had me get another MS in Leadership and Certification for Fundraising after my concussion. Ha ha ha. God is amazing. He has been my healer since I first burn my.finger as a child. Mom encouraged us to trust and believe God for anything. He was who makes the impossible possible for us. Mom was good to allow the Lutheran Church nearby to send us kids to Christian Summer Camp. Methodist Russian church Pastor knew my mom in Latvia, who always helped us. God’s hand was on her and our lives. She prayed always. Speaking 7 languages she read in one language and wrote in another. So what to do? I rest in Yeshua the Jewish Messiah who came to save all nation’s people.

I was working 50 to 60 hours, M-S, and Sunday night, if need be. The charity was reorganizing. I was working 3 jobs for 15 years. Each growing in responsibility. Until I was paid too much. 25% under according to my mentor, the chair of a business. But I loved the charity. I was looking. And signed up for a Hillsong Training in NYC. Husband was losing it due to work pressures. Etc. God ripped me out. I thank God. What a relief to be shattered in a Hospital bed awake finally after 4 weeks. They didn’t think I would wake up. I prayed. Everyone was.praying. The LORD told me that He would heal me completely. I asked the LORD to onfirm it. A pastor friend and my sister called to tell me as they were praying that they felt the LORD was telling them that I would be healed. They called me out of the blue. I told the Therapists. They thought I lost it. Thank God, He is faithful. My Physiatrist seemed more inclined to hope. I have had a physician open about my faith relationship with him. One last visit is coming up.

He gets all the glory. God has never deserted me. Never forgotten me. Never not provided for me. He alone is worthy of praise, glory, and honor. He is good. Praise God.

Praise God. I have been treated badly, beaten, chased, pressured by abusive people, esteemed, and treated like I left my brains on the street.

God taught me to memorize since my first performance. He has healed my wounds. He has taught me my worth is in being His. I am His. No better or worse than anyone to God in His goodness. God holds us as precious children that He plans for long ago. He knows. He sees. He prepares. He is sovereign.

He can’t help Himself. He is GOOD. He is all possible LOVE. He is merciful. The Holy Spirit’s presence to me is like a bone crushing embrace of kindness, acceptance. His love is as thick as molasses that coats our hearts with sweetness. I am thankful. Resting in Him. Thanks.

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God is alive and well. He plans for our lives before we are born. Jeremiah 29.11. Psalm 139. The LORD God our Savior, YEHOSHUA. God is preparing us for what is ahead. He is faithful. Nothing to apply to tonight. Manana es un numero dìa. Thank you LORD for this test of faith. God knows what’s best for us. May the LORD part the red Sea of age discrimination. ‘Jesus lover’ might be the issue. PRAISE GOD! Gods favor is on me. He will whip open the right door. Father, thank you. I cant do it. Thank you. I am trusting, praying, studying, drinking His Word. Need to keep it going. Need to apply to more. Praise God!


Interviewed this week with another Hospital for a Development Associate position. Not a fancy title, but a humble, accountable and effective Hospital dedicated to the health and wellbeing of children. I did their mailings when I was a marketing & sales director for a mailhouse that prepares people with disabilities for the workforce. Their people were real and down to earth. Whatever Jesus wants. His love. His Life in us. His provision.

This small hospital is at a juncture, as they cater to the poorest children. They have opened their 30 bed Hospital to neurological-muscular-skeletal disorders. Always catching the financial load for children patients and their families. 22 hospital family. Just praying and applying. Their next round is after Labor Day.

The Hospital is downtown in my former neighborhood. I have been a Director there and a 3 job in 1 charitable lacky. Praise God. To His glory.

But this position is new for them. They need to expand their donorbase. Sure $25k and up gifts, but a great group of donor friends who are in it to win it. They train medical staff and simultaneously conduct research.

It would be a great opportunity. I lay it down in the Author and Finisher of my Faith, King Jesus’s capable & kind hands.