Gabriel Nervais

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Hi my name is Mr. Gabriel Nervais

I am from British Columbia Canada

My wife does Substance Abuse Counselling and host a Bible Class twice weekly for current and ex clients. I am currently helping her with such classes, and answering a few faith and other related questions. Through my subscription to a “A Slice Of Infinity” I recently heard Amy Orr Ewine and heard of connect during the podcast.

I have a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Christian Apologetics, from Trinity Western University and hope to sharpen my service for Christ and uphold the “hand” of others like me in the effort to serve Our Lord.

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@Onlyby1grace Welcome to Connect! Praise the Lord for you and your wife’s service to those in need - may He richly bless and give you strength / wisdom as you serve them. May Christ open their eyes and hearts to His love and grace. Excited to hear more from you on the forums. Richest blessings.

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Welcome to Connect Gabriel

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Thats super cool ! Welcome to RZIM connect and best of luck with the bible studies.