Gail Here

Hello! My name is Gail and I’m a sophomore in college looking for a way that I can understand more deeply about the Christian faith so that I can be prepared to present it, defend it, engage with others, and most importantly, learn to live it out. Thank you for creating this online space!


Welcome Gail!


Hi Gail @sierrapines139, delighted to have you joining us here. What are you studying in college? I love that you are taking time in your demanding school schedule to include Connect as part of your education as you work at integrating your faith, life, and witness! I pray you will find it deeply worthwhile as we think, learn, and grow together in engaging with challenges as well as encouraging one another in loving devotion to Christ. Welcome to Connect, Gail!


Welcome @sierrapines139! I pray the Lord will bless your desire to live out your faith. Feel free to engage here when you have the time to do so :pray:t3: Your perspective in some of the conversations would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome on board Gail @sierrapines139
RZIM Connect is here for you. I am glad you sign up. Do find time to explore the community and feel free to join the conversation anytime. Share you questions and contributions with us.

Grace to live the life of Christ and represent His kingdom in your College.
With love and Blessings.