Gambia Aid

(Hyde Gardner) #1

Hi All,

I am wondering as to whether anyone knows of the situation in Gambia, as to whether Christians are being persecuted and which foundations are truly there to help the christian people. I recently had a young reach out to me by the name of Lamin Keita, please keep him and his family in your prayers, he told me that his family are starving and that the organisation in Gambia are corrupt and do not help the christian people. I gave him a little money to help his family, as I am aware there are many fraudsters online, however I believe he is not one.

Can anyone shed some light for me as I was unable to find much information?

(SeanO) #2

@HydeeG Did you receive this request via e-mail or phone call? How do you know the individual? Generally it is not wise to give money except through official organizations. There are many phishing e-mails / phone calls - which are attempts to get money by telling a false story.

I am not suggesting this individual is not telling the truth, but that I think it is generally wiser to only give through well established organizations unless you have a personal relationship with the individual - enough so to be able to corroborate their story. And even then I think giving requires wisdom.

In many cases, scammers troll the Internet for victims, and spend weeks or months building a relationship. Once they have gained their victim’s trust, the scammers create a false situation and ask for money. Scammers can be very clever and deceptive, creating sad and believable stories that will make you want to send them money.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @HydeeG,

I appreciate your heart to care for people in distressing situations. That is exactly what Christ would have us do. At the same time, as @SeanO has mentioned, unfortunately they are some people who take advantage of that desire to create scams.

One of the safest ways to provide humanitarian aid is to donate to Wellspring International, which is a ministry of RZIM:

All of the overhead costs are provided for by generous donors so that 100% of any donation made to Wellspring goes directly to those in need and the organizations that provide for them:

Wellspring international identifies existing organizations aiding women and children at risk, giving financial support and accountability to vetted projects and providing individual scholarships to support education, healthcare, and basic living needs, while providing an opportunity for informed giving, monitoring, and reporting for our donors.

The leadership of Wellspring does regular travel and careful financial vetting to ensure that funds are spent in a wise and restorative way. I would strongly recommend them to you.

(Hyde Gardner) #4

Is there a wellspring international ministry in Gambia?


(Hyde Gardner) #5

Hey SeanO, thank you for the reply.

I really appreciate it. I’m aware that there are thousands of scammers out there. I just honestly believe this to be the real, thing, this guy has contacted me via Instagram. He could well likely be a scammer, but it didn’t seem as strategic as a scammer and he spoke desperately of his family starving.

(Carson Weitnauer) #6

Hi @HydeeG,

Not at the current moment. However, they do support projects that are ministering to people in desperate circumstances.

Unless you have personally been able to validate that someone’s story is authentic, I would urge a very high level of skepticism. Just because someone has reached out to you via Instagram does not establish that he is telling the truth.

(Hyde Gardner) #7

@CarsonWeitnauer yeah Carson. I absolutely hear you and understand how silly I sound by believing his story. Thanks for the advice. I will definitely seek validate his story.


(SeanO) #8

@HydeeG I agree with @CarsonWeitnauer that in these situations it is wisest simply to move on and to give your hard earned resources to people / organizations that you have established reasons to trust. These guys make a living by attempting to sound like the real deal. So part of godly stewardship is verifying their stories before giving or better yet giving to known entities.

I like Compassion because they provide holistic child development - rescuing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

(Hyde Gardner) #9

Hi Sean, yes. Thank you Brother. I have asked some questions which have not been answered and only recieved a video of the gentlemen saying he would never lie. I will continie in prayer for him but I directed him to find aid in his area. Thank you again for the help. :slight_smile:

(SeanO) #10

@HydeeG Sure thing :slight_smile: May the Lord continue to lead and guide you as you serve Him.