Originally from California, currently residing near Atlanta, Georgia.

RZIM has made a significant impact in my walk with Christ. I’m always looking to learn, grow and seek answers to difficult questions.

I hope to be able to provide a biblically accurate response to questions that I have experience with.


Welcome to Connect @Gnichols I hope you enjoy this community :handshake:

Thank you! I am thus far.

Welcome @Gnichols. Glad you are here. It’s so cool that you are in Atlanta now. You know RZIM has an office in GA. I hope it is not far from you. Look forward to chatting with you. God bless.

Thanks Dan! Yes! I actually work in Alpharetta, not far from the institute. I have always wanted to attend an event but considering our current circumstances, it’s going to be live streams and virtual lessons for now. Looking forward to speaking with you and everyone else here as well!

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Wow that’s so cool. I hope to come down there one day. Stay blessed brother. @Gnichols

Welcome @Gnichols, it’s great to have you here :slightly_smiling_face: RZIM has done the same for me! I trust you will find Connect a helpful place to continue learning and growing. As you browse through the conversations, feel free to share your thoughts and insight :pray:t3:

Hi welcome to the connect family. It is good to meet you Garrett, looking forward to sharing and learning as we grow together. Would you share how RZIM has made an impact on your walk? It would encourage many of which I am one.
Take care in His shadow.

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Hey Mike! sorry I missed your reply. I found RZIM at a time when I considered myself a good Christian… However I now realize that I was lukewarm after going through a time that I was forced to rely on God alone. I was so used to relying on my own strength and will. RZIM helped me discover God’s true grace in my life and I have never been the same since. In a good way of course! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Garrett @Gnichols. Glad that you are here. Let God guide you to do his will. Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You