Gary Clark

Hello everyone, happy to join the community.

I’m from the southeast corner of Virginia but currently my home is in Japan (about an hour and a half south of Tokyo).

I am enjoying the “Virtual Apologetics Conference” and notice that this is an avenue for connection to seekers (even if they do not yet know what they are seeking). This is also an opportunity to engage in open dialog with those that are seeking to understand our Creator and His revelation.

I hope to contribute through thoughtful and loving input and questions that help stimulate thought and growth. While thoughtfulness and respect are useful - you can’t beat God’s love radiating from His followers. 1 Peter 4:8 (among other wise words of advice). This requires that we love - especially those who do not love us in return.


Welcome @gary.a.clark!

I hope you will find here many useful conversation and I know you will! Please keep in contact :slight_smile:



Welcome aboard, @gary.a.clark! So pleased you have been encouraged by the conference. Glad that you have joined us to continue the conversations here on Connect!


Thank you Renzo, today the last session fell on Sunday morning so other obligations prevented me from joining live. I look forward to watching the taped sessions. Thank you for helping to provide this wonderful event.