Gary Goertzen

(Gary Goertzen) #1

Greetings from Three Hills, Alberta, Canada!

I recently completed the Core Module and was excited to find out that there was this forum to keep learning and stay connected with fellow students and the RZIM team.

I have come to see that my faith is not blind and that it truly does rest on the rock of the word. I am looking forward to daily growing in my faith and relationship with my Lord and hopefully that will be an encouragement to others.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

Hello Gary! Glad you joined Connect!
Excited to have you contribute to our community!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Welcome to the Connect community, my brother! And congrats on a completed core module. Much like yourself, coming to see that my faith wasn’t blind or, in the words of Ravi Zacharias’ via his book Jesus Among Other Gods:

> “Faith is not bereft of reason.”

That realization had a profound impact om my faithwalk and a myriad of other areas in my life.

All of this to say, (again)…WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!!! God bless you!