I am from Rwanda,I am a christian member of Assemblies of God Church.I work in education as a School Manager or Headteacher.

I was inspired by teachings of Ravi Zachariah about worldviews that is why I chose to Join RZIM Connect
I will contribute in evangelism by teaching young high school students after getting well equipped.


Welcome, @GEDEON! I was once a Youth Pastor. It is important work! Glad you are here!


Hi @GEDEON. It is great to have someone here from Rawanda! I am really looking forward to reading more from you as you engage here in the conversations. Any particular prayer requests? I trust you will be a blessing here :pray:t3:

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Welcome to Connect @GEDEON. When people like you who work in the education sector get involved with the faith, it is a great blessing for the young people. It is a great privilege and also a special responsibility to share the Gospel with young people. Wish you God’s rich blessing. Maybe the contributions in Connect will help you, e.g. these: