Gender Dysphoria and sexual identity

(rodney rozario) #1

I had the pleasure of listening to Sam Allberry, and was very interested to see if he could answer a couple of questions that I have been thinking about. 1) Is sexual Dysphoria and sexual identity on the rise , and is it now more common that what it was say 50 or 30 years ago , if so have there been any studies that have been conducted on this by the medical community, and what are their conclusions.
2)are there geographic differences in relation to the prevalence of this topic, and are there specific countries where this is more prevalent.
I know I said 2 questions, but this has just come to mind, I know that there has been no genetic explanation, so is there any other postulated explanation
I know Sam is probably the best resource to answer these questions.However I am new to connect, and may be Carson can give me some direction on how to get this to him
never the less,I think this is something quite a few of you may have already thought about
Thank you for your inpot

(Kathleen) #2

Hi, @selin1976a! We’re glad you’ve joined us on Connect and are glad that you were able to watch the Sam Allberry talk. I don’t know if we can get these questions to him personally, but I wanted to link you to some resources that were linked here a couple of days before the talk. Since the questions you are asking are more of a scientific nature, you may find some of the data here.

(rodney rozario) #3

Thanks you Kathleen, for giving me the resources to look up . I am hoping to see if Carson can get us a response from Sam directly, will be very interesting to hear his thoughts.
God Bless

(Stephen Wuest) #4

Those who are scientific materialists (who believe that we are only physical animals) are only looking for physical causes (such as DNA) for behaviors. They do not consider our ability to choose to live by different codes of morality/ethics. (They assume that there is some purely physical “cause” that makes us choose a moral/ethical system, and try to reduce all of morality/ethics to purely physical causes.)

If you ask a very different type of question, then I think that you will get a much clearer answer. “How does gender confusion correlate with communities and subcultures that fully embrace the moral/ethical code of the Bible, and its family and community behavior?”

Because God’s people are not determined by a physical, ethnic dynamic, they include all sorts of people from different DNA mixes. And we should not expect to find DNA patterns that show that someone is a follower of Jesus, etc.

We should not expect to find DNA patterns that predict whether a person is rightoues, or evil. But the hard scientific disciplines do not even have variables to express “righteous” or “evil.”