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While reading chapter one and two of Genesis, it almost reads as if man(kind) was created twice. Were we created first spiritual and then, in chapter 2 physical?

The word “and” seems to have been added while describing man-female (verse 27). Angels are non manifested spiritual beings. Were we then also created spiritually first, before being placed in a physical body that out of necessity for procreation had to be made male AND female?

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@Tammynaz Genesis 1 is a description of the creation from a zoomed out point of view. Genesis 2 is a more focused account of the creation of mankind, the crowning jewel of God’s creation. It is not two separate accounts but rather two separate perspectives on the same event.

Furthermore, even a cursory reading of Genesis 1 and 2 should be enough to discern that the author has a different purpose in one than in the other. Chapter 1 presents a three-level hierarchy of God’s creative prowess, memorably associated with days of the week. In contrast, chapter 2 focuses on the crowning jewels of God’s creation—man and woman—who are designed to be in right relationship with both creation and the Creator.

By considering the two creation accounts individually and then reconciling them, we see that God describes the sequence of creation in Genesis 1, then clarifies its most important details, especially of the sixth day, in Genesis 2. There is no contradiction here, merely a common literary device describing an event from the general to the specific.

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Thank you very much for your reply and for explaining the coherence between the two chapters!

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@Tammynaz Glad it was helpful. That is a very common question folks have when reading through the Bible.