Genesis 4:14 Cain driven out

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Hi all!
I’m reading in Genesis this morning…and came to the part where Cain is driven out after killing his brother, Abel. (Gen 4:14)
Cain calls out to God saying, “…and it will happen that anyone who finds me will kill me.”

Since Cain and Abel are the first offspring from Adam and Eve- who is the “anyone” Cain refers to?

Is it simply one of the animals that finds him? Or a person? But, how could that be?

Thanks to anyone who has researched this already, and has some wisdom to share :slight_smile:

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A follow up to my own question…ha. I just went back and read in Genesis 1:28 when Adam and Eve are still in the garden and God tells them to “Be fruitful and multiply”…I’ve never considered the fact that there were possibly children with them in the Garden of Eden…their offspring before the fall. This could explain the people/siblings already living out in the earth… interesting!

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Personally, I don’t think it would make sense if Adam and Eve had children before the Fall, or else there would be a segment of humanity that did not inherit their sin-laced nature, and so would be unjustly impacted by the Fall.

Some have argued that Cain’s statement is evidence that there were other, hostile people on the earth (as one might expect if humans evolved), but I think there is a much simpler explanation (and I wouldn’t even consider myself a young earth creationist). Adam and Eve would have had other children besides Cain and Abel before Abel’s death, since Seth is described as being given in place of Abel (Genesis 4:25), implying that the death of Abel was fairly recent before Seth’s birth. Since Adam is described as being 130 years old at the time of Seth’s birth (Genesis 5:3), it makes perfect sense that he and Eve had many children, grandchildren, etc. by that time. These people most likely lived close together for safety, companionship, and division of labor, so Cain knew that when he and Abel went missing, everyone would know about it. Search parties would be sent out, Abel’s body would be found sooner or later, and people would easily deduce (or at least guess) that Cain had murdered him. Cain would then become known as a danger to others, and as people began to spread out, they would keep their eyes open and kill him to protect themselves (or even go specifically to avenge Abel). Besides all this, Cain had no way of knowing how vast the earth was or how long he would live (his father was still in the prime of life at 130), so encountering someone else could have easily seemed inevitable.

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Thanks Micah! @MicahB
I was heading out on a camping trip without any time to research, but the question really bugged me… so on to Connect I went! Thanks so much for giving your helpful thoughts and reasoning.

A funny thought- Adam in the prime of his life at 130…makes me tired! ha :slight_smile: One day, these years will not matter!

Right…so the idea that Adam and Eve had children before Abel died…okay. That makes sense … just reminds me we need to “dig” for these answers in the scripture…just reading the names listed- “Cain and Abel” aren’t giving the full story.
It’s helpful to look at ages, context, etc.
Thanks for your insight and reminder to dig a little deeper :slight_smile:

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Heyy I think this can help, during grade 10 our topic on philosophy was on adam and eve. I forgot the exact meaning of their names but you can search for it. My teacher explained that adam meant first and eve was something about humanity. It was a long discussion but he ended with this. If that was the meaning of their names, and that they were the first humans created, but they were not the last. God might have created more humans possibly after the fall. To support that, there is also a disease that if people married between their bloodlines some bad effects can happen to the body. So if adam and eve were the only humans, then that disease could have spread and it couldn’t reach to this time. So there could have been different humans out there that God also created.

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Hi @HeidiMitchell,

I asked that same question before, Who is Cain afraid of? Who is his wife? (And follow up to that is: Isn’t incest forbidden or degenerative?) Are there other created human besides Adam and Eve? How did he come up with the technology to build a city? (not my question, but an atheist friend posed this from some atheist forum)

I remember getting these answers from Answers In Genesis (

It’s all in there, nicely packaged. Sorry for being lazy and just pointing out a link, but it will be more comprehensive if we go over to that link, and read it in its entirety.

Oh and @TheJozenOnee, Adam in Hebrew means man or human, and Eve is life. So together they form Human-Life.

Blessings in Christ,

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True, Josiah! He could have created others after the fall, I suppose!
I’ve never considered that one…I wonder if anyone else has thoughts on this concept.

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Thanks @RoySujanto !

I love the videos in I’ll check that one out!

Adam and Eve= Human Life. God is so clever :relaxed::relaxed:

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(Micah Bush) #9

One other thing to consider regarding the question, “How did Cain come up with the technology to build a city?” is the word translated as “city.” The Hebrew word used here, “‛âyar,” is described as follows by (a great resource, by the way): “from ([05782] a city (a place guarded by waking or a watch) in the widest sense (even of a mere encampment or post).” It hardly implies a large or highly organized city, just a guarded settlement (which makes sense if Cain was afraid of people trying to kill him). There are plenty of low-tech building materials that Cain could have easily utilized for this venture (field stone, cob, adobe, wattle and daub, etc.), so building such a settlement would hardly have been impossible.

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Oooh thankss for the correctionn

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