Gerald Santonia

Say hello…
Hi everyone. I’m Gerald from the Philippines. I am engineer working as a Power Indsutry analyst for a power genearation company.

I would like to learn from all you on how to deal with different issues in life and how God could be glorified with it.

I hope that as I am bless with your encouragements, I can encourage you as well.


Hello Gerald welcome to this wonderful connect forum. There is a lot to learn from eveyone here.
We encourage each other with much truth and the search for it. Thank you for joining.

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@gvsantonia Nice to meet you!

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Welcome aboard @gvsantonia. So glad you have joined connect. I hope you are blessed by the discussions and the care provided by members all over the world. God-bless you and your journey.

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Mabuhay bro @gvsantonia!

Glad to connect with a kababayan here.
May you find this forum very helpful for your growth.

God bless


@gvsantonia Welcome! I look forward to sharing perspectives with you from across the world–at least culturally across the world. (I do not know whether you have moved to our mainland.)