Gerda Arents

I’m from Heemskerk, a little town in the Netherlands. I just joined because I wanted to thank Mr Ravi Zacharias for all he has taught me over the past many years. Sometimes maybe his ‘words’ went over my head, because I am not a native english speaker (and maybe not too bright also :))- but his tone of voice, the kindness he portrayed, his respect for whomever he was addressing, his sense of humor, all pointed to Jesus and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the portrait he has painted of Jesus with all of his being!
warm regards
Gerda Arents
The Netherlands


Hi @Johannes316, welcome to connect. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt message to Ravi :heart: Here is a link to share it with him and his family

Please do feel free to stick around and engage here in connect :pray:t3:
Take care


Welcome aboard @Johannes316. Thank you for your kind words and joining the many that have written tribute. I hope that you get an opportunity to converse or have a discussion with somebody here who may need your encouragement or guidance. Check in from time to time if you would be so kind God-bless you and your journey.