I’m a 25 year old man from South Africa with a passion for God, Christ and defending/spreading the christian faith.

A friend of mine recommended the core module and I’ve long wanted to learn more about apologetics.

I’d like equip others to defend Christianity and also evangelize by showing it is reasonable to believe.


Nice to meet you Gerhardus!

Hi @gmiddel, welcome to connect and congratulations on completing the the course! What was your most profound lesson? Thank you for your heart in wanting to evanglize :heart: I trust you will find connect a great place to continue learning, growing and offering your insight as well. Take care :pray:t3:

Hi @sig

Thank you for the warm welcome.

I learned a lot but three things stand out:

  1. The first task of the apologist, is the apologist himself.
  2. Behind every question, is a questioner.
  3. Caring for the person is more important than winning the argument. This ties in with the tone I use, which needs a lot of work.

Hello, Mike here in WV USA welcome from 8000 miles away connected by Christ and His commission. Every kindred, tongue, nation, so nice to meet you. Our 40 year generation gap bridged by 2 pieces of wood and three nails, what a master carpenter.
Love in Christ

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