Getting a Degree (online) as a business prof.?

I’m 37. I have a BS (Biology), MS (Biology) and a JD. I’m an attorney working at a consumer products company, and it’s a good job I don’t intend to leave. I gave my life to Christ in 2015.

However, over the last ~1.5 years, I’ve been feeling like I’m being called to do more. I now volunteer at my church, leading the elementary “sermon” activity once a month. But I think I want to step up more, and help start a men’s ministry at my (young) church. But I do NOT feel qualified.

SO, considering I already play Pokemon with degrees (gotta catch em all!), I’ve been thinking of getting a degree of some kind. I’ve been thinking the online MBTS at Dallas Theological Seminary, or a similar degree at SES.

Has anyone done something like this that can speak to it’s value (particularly compared to its cost!)? Any recommendations or warnings?

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Hi @EvoFaith,

Gotta catch em all! I surely can relate with that. Bless your heart for longing to serve more in God’s kingdom. Given your plethora of degrees I can understand why you would want to build more knowledge and grow in skills to prepare you for the particular undertaking you are desiring for. I work for a multinational company and currently taking my master’s degree. Like you, I felt the need to grow more in serving God. I didn’t have the time to take a theological course but I definitely needed to grow in knowledge and prepare myself for ministry work. Last year I I took the the core module in RZIM Academy. I took the online course and I had such an amazing experience. I got connected not only deeper into the word of God but also to real people. You get to view the bible in the lens History, psychology, culture, you name it. You can check more on the website and I believe it also includes fees and other necessary information that will help you. For other online theological seminary, I’m afraid I have not tried enrolling to others. I hope my one suggestion will give add more to your options. God bless and I pray the Lord will grow and equip you in the work that He has laid out for you.

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