Getting started on the path: how to help someone take first steps toward the Lord?

“I am ready willing and able to give all of myself to God, but I have so many questions and lots of confusion such as where do I start? Or how do I start?”

I got this message from my cousin this evening! I am so excited about it! But I’m feeling overwhelmed answering it because he has autism and I’m not super close with him, or relationship is mostly through messaging. I am worried I will confuse him or overwhelm him…I’ve never used this site before I don’t even know if this is the proper use of it, I am sorry if it isnt!

Any help, directory or resources are greatly appreciated!


Hi @Hailey, rest assured that you are in a great place to get help and answers. There are lots of knowledgeable and experienced people here who will be able to direct you to resources to help your cousin. What is great is that your heart is full of love for him and that is a good place to start. Thank you for asking as I’m certain that the rest of us will also benefit from the answers that are forthcoming.

God bless!


@Hailey That is so exciting that your cousin wants to learn more about Jesus! I think the one path forward is:

  1. Help them have clear understanding of the Gospel and understand what it means to trust God instead of the world (‘The Explicit Gospel’ by Matt Chandler could help)
  2. Help them begin to read the Bible (Bible Project and NLT New Believer’s Bible may help)
  3. Prayer & Christian Community

The book by Greg Laurie for new believers may prove useful. Hope those thoughts are helpful in terms of somewhere to start out :slight_smile: May the Lord Jesus bless you with wisdom as you share with your cousin.

Here is a resource from cru as well that gows through 10 basic steps to living the Christian life.

10 Basic Steps to Christian Growth - Cru


Thank you! This is a very helpful start… as I do not know the bible in its entirety yet myself, I appreciate the resources and the direction. There is so much to learn and unpack. I am grateful for being able to talk directly to God about these things and trust that he will guide me by the Spirit and make all my shortcomings his victories.
Thank you for doing what you do, you are in my prayers,



@Hailey Glad you found some helpful resources. Praying for you as well - may the Lord Jesus fill you with the love and knowledge of God.


Hi @Hailey, I think everyone here is on the road to learning and unpacking what our Father has put in place for us. What is great here is that we can do it together as we share our knowledge and experiences. Most of all, we trust our Father to order our steps so that we know and understand what He has planned for us. Just take the next step in full faith that He is with you. Praying that we will all walk in the paths He has designed and planned for us and that we will know His love for us in increasing measure. Rest in His love.


I’m a bit late to the party, but what a exciting text to receive! How has it been with him over the last week? And how are you doing? Any questions we can bat around for you? :smiley:


Hi! It has been a bit of a roller coaster with him. But I look back to when I was first receiving the gift of Christ, and having a supernatural reality shift, and it was beautiful on top of being completely messy.
His faith wavers from circumstance to circumstance. And I’m worried he is heading down the prosperity gospel road. But I have been sharing what I’ve learnt about it, and how it skips the point of the Christian life completely, ie. Suffering and taking up our own cross, and serving. I have been referring him to places in the bible where this is clear. And I have also been praying and getting fellow christian friends to pray for him. He is interested in getting baptized!! Which is amazing… but I know him now, and I know that he gets on emotional highs when things are going well. He thinks that accepting Jesus means no more problems. I am just praying that the meetings he will be having with his pastor will be successful in presenting what baptism really means, as well, I hope the pastor examines him…and by that I mean what it says in 2 Corinthians 13:5, how we are to examine and test one another to assure we are walking in the faith and encouraging others in the right way as well. I think this is massively important in maintaining a healthy church and ensuring we are all moving each other forward to spread the gospel and serve, as opposed to gathering in a place once a week so we can feel better and lick one anothers wounds.
So, in short, he has started to go to church, read the bible, and has also encouraged one of his daughters to attend church also. These are good signs but I am hesitant to say he is bearing any fruit as of yet. In actuality there seems to be very little that he has repented of, and still does many sinful actions, sexual, immoral, vulgar etc. I’m worried he is missing the mark completely… I hope that if I keep asking him questions about this and referring him to places in the bible where it says we must abide in Christ or we are not saved…like in John 3:3-8 where it clealry says No one can enter the kingdom of heaven until they are born again. A supernatural change must occur. We need to be born of the spirit of God to be saved. The holy spirit is the giver of life!
So, that’s sort of what’s been going on!
Thanks for asking :slight_smile: this program is an amazing resource and comfort to me :slight_smile: many thanks and may God Bless you for your serving.


Praise God! Thanks so much for the update. Will continue to pray for all those involved. :slight_smile:


@Hailey. I wanted to encourage you to trust the arm of GOD which is never to short to save. Your concern for your cousin reminded me of an admonishment that our Pastor once gave. He said if someone says they love GOD and are saved from their sins; even though they walk upside down on their hands don’t take that declaration from them. According to the Word of GOD, some plant, some water, but GOD gives the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:6-7. KJV Your cousin stands in a marvelous place, a heart to know GOD. I’m trusting GOD with you to see the increase and the timing GOD utilizes.


An update about my cousin in case anyone wanted some encouragement!!

He is steadily growing in his love and service to God. He is an active member in his church and has been baptized :slight_smile:
Since coming to Christ he has had unrelenting trials, but they have brought him closer to Christ, not further. At the end of each one he has a renewed love for God and motivation to know him more.

He is also enthusiastic about sharing his faith with people and has become a prayer warrior!

Praise God for His faithfulness, God Bless you all :slight_smile:

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So exciting! Thank you so much for coming back and keeping us updated. It’s always so wonderful to hear how God is at work. And how special that you have been able to walk alongside him over this last year! What a sweet privilege it is to get to encourage a family member in this way. I’m so glad he’s had you around to help him out! :slight_smile: