Ghosts and the Holy ghost

Hi, I had a fascinating conversation with a friend recently who was struck by the reality of ghosts living among us. He regularly watches programmes involving paranormal investigations into haunted locations, using psychic mediums and scientific equipment, and fully believes them to be true. His mother passed away this year in January to which he climes lives in his house with his family - looking over them and protecting them, yet at the same time, turning on and off things etc.

I unpacked the reality for me of the father, Son and Holy Ghost concept and want to show him love, rather than my blundering misunderstanding and non belief in his excitement for this stuff. The gospel will mean nothing to him as the gospel is new and not something he has been exposed to before (that’s a work in progress now). Question therefore is, are there any good starting point for people that believe this stuff, dangers to avoid and clear evangelical points we can come from to persuade him otherwise that there is reality in Jesus - but the stuff he engages with is dangerous!


Hi, @Andi! I commend you for seeking to engage with your friend on this subject and not just dismissing him. :slight_smile: To me, a good starting point would be the fact that, as Christians, we certainly do acknowledge that there is a spiritual dimension, and as you interact with him, it’d be good to get an understanding of the fascination it holds over him. Has he been brought up to believe that the material is all that is true? Is that worldview being shattered for him? There could be a number of angles that he’s coming from, but as you unpack that, you’ll really begin to get at the desires of his heart, which is where the bridge to Jesus can materialise. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for this input. Throughout the summer, we’ve had some fascinating conversations around this topic. It’s a work in progress, but very much open to further dialogue and questioning.

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Hi Andi,

The fact that you are asking questions is a huge way of showing your friend love, treating your friend with respect, giving honor by listening to the answers regardless of how far-fetched they might be, validating his right to free will and showing interest in his personal journey. You are laying some great groundwork for the relationship to continue. Because of this, you are also developing his respect for you, which in many cases is the very thing it takes to be heard and observed, so that whether by your actions or speech the gospel of Christ goes out.

Mary Beth

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