Gibbs and Dice

So the basic idea I guess is (and from what i understand)

Q1: Life goes from chaos to order. Physics goes from order to chaos. This seems like a contradiction. Why? A1: God’s mystery. A2: Gibbs free energy equation.

A1 God’s mystery is beautiful. And the element we are missing is God.
Whether we know the answer described in natural science, it is still God’s. Understood or not understood, that does not discount God as an answer. However, I feel like there is better way of talking about this to people who view christians as using “God of the gaps” to fill equations we don’t understand.

A2 People use this equation and explain, this is WHY [Q1] happens.
However, this is not why but DESCRIBING what and how.

I then get a very emotional derisive responses of quoting Einstein, God does not play with dice! And then they bring up Einstein’s personal life struggle. Which I don’t know much about.

There are very deep emotions about this whole topic of quantum theory.
I understand the odds it takes to make a universe. I am curious of ways to talk about this question with people. Thanks!