Hello from Sri Lanka
Was following a lecture by John Lennox on if AI should be feared on YouTube and was directed to rzim.

A Christian by birth but have lived better part of my life assuming God at a superficial level! However have found myself in the Bible specifically in Hosea 2:14 “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her.” A truer deeper understanding of our calling and that God brings us into desolations to renew, strengthen and explain… so I found myself and a renewed fervour for the word!
Like to help others to have conversations and more awareness among both believers and non-believers that there is no more time to waste and there is no more better time than now where the world needs GOD!


Hello Gihan!
I just love this lecture especially how he turned it into a gospel message towards the end.
Do you have any apologetic movement in sri lanka?

Amen brother! You said it all! Looking forward to your contributions here. Feel free to jump in in the discussions and share with us your thoughts.


Hi Sarah

Thanks for the shout-out! Yes we do have many ministries here from the orthodox to the Pentecostal and new age movements! However There is still lot to be done in terms of getting the message out there and truly making it relatable and actionable! Unfortunately many apostlistic ministries drive towards factionism rather than towards Christ!
We need momentum to the word (Bible) not towards mere words!


Hi @Gihan,

Welcome to the community! I am so grateful for how God drew you to himself and gave you a love for his word! There’s a clear urgency to your words yet such a concern for people. I look forward to your contributions!


Hi Gihan,

A warm welcome to you from Austin, Texas, USA!

I am looking forward to learning from you as we journey in Connect.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Grace and peace,
Mary Beth


Welcome to Connect @Gihan
I am looking forward to learning from you.


Bless your words! Yes yes yes. We need that EVERYWHERE! I am really excited to get to know you more in the discussions.
I am sorry about the sister thing though :sweat_smile: When I am confused I avoid using pronouns at all but I just jumped right un because Gihan is actually a woman’s name here in my country, and I thought, “They got Gihan too. Huh, interesting” :smile:


Hello, Gihan. A very warm welcome to the community. I was immediately interested in the topic of John Lennox’s lecture, because this is really a hot topic. Here is a detailed exchange of opinions: Discuss: Should we fear artificial intelligence. It’s really worth to have a look or ask. Connect offers good opportunities to get in touch with others. Recently I read for example the introduction of Shantha @shantha :smiley: