Gilbert Rodrigues

Hi I am from Toronto (Originally from India) I have been listening to Dr. Ravi Zacharias talks for some time now and feel a deep loss of him not being with us but I am sure the heavens must be rejoicing with his presence there. I also desire to deepen my faith and would love to hear and learn from this wonderful RZIM community and hoping I too can contribute maybe asking questions and when possible sharing my thoughts. Thank you all.



Hi @gildeb,

Welcome! You and Ravi share a similar geographical and spiritual journey. Have you read Walking from East to West? A treasure of a book!

I am eager to deepen in my faith too. I believe your questions and answers will help me do that. Please do contribute to the conversation. Your presence will enrich our lives.


Welcome to connect @gildeb. Thank you for joining and having a heart to deepen your faith. I hope you engage in the discussions especially in the areas that you are most interested. I do believe that you will be blessed by your involvement, and we are blessed to have you with us. God-bless you and your journey.

Hello Gilbert, welcome from the USA West Virginia mountains. It is great to meet you and come along this journey with all of us here at connect. Hope you find much of interest as you have around the site, I am certain it brought questions to mind like it did for me. Enjoy the community and the great fellowship it affords.


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