Greetings dear RZIM Family!

It’s an pleasure to join this community of people seeking the Truth. My name is Gilberto Salinas, I am from Laredo, Texas. I have been a professor of Psychology for the past 18 years at Texas A&M International University, although now I am an adjunct. I am also an Executive Pastor for Laredo First Assembly of God Church, where I pastor the Spanish speaking congregation. I also have a thriving private practice with my wife of 20 years Elda. We have four daughters and a son. I joined RZIM Connect to explore my calling to evangelism and passion for apologetics. Ravi was a tremendous influence in my development as a believer and love for apologetics. I grew up in a Roman Catholic home; however, out practice was superficial. At 15 I walked away from the church and eventually God. I embraced naturalism as a worldview and became cynical towards all religion. My wife is a PK and I was struck by her when I met her. I represented everything she was warned against, but deep inside I had questions, lots of them. Unfortunately, most Christians I met at the time could not answer them in a Logical sense. Elda and I struggled for over 6 years as our beliefs did not line up, it was then, a few months after graduating with my Ph.D., that I had a Paul moment with our Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit strongly used Ravi and Lee Strobel to have my questions answered. I was introduced to them in a “Faith v. Reason” Sunday school class I had at the church I now minister at.
Apologetics helped me come to knowing Jesus , and I would love to learn how to effectively use it to challenge the current claims against Christianity. I would like to participate in any way that is useful to this community, and learn how to be better at this at the same time!

Blessings to all,



Hi @gilberto-salinas,
Welcome to Connect and thank you for sharing your testimony - it was encouraging. Hope to see you involved in discussions as we grow in our faith in Christ.


Welcome aboard @gilberto-salinas. Thank you for being with us. You bring a great deal of talent and commitment that will be a blessing to this forum. Your background and testimony is awesome. It is so good that you met up with a PK and that the Holy Spirit guided you into ministry and to the peace that you get to have today. Please do encourage a new member or somebody that is struggling here. Your pastoral talents will be great asset here. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Gilberto and welcome to Connect :slightly_smiling_face:. What a great testimony of God seeking out His lost sheep and restoring you to relationship with Him. It is also encouraging to read of how apologetics has helped in strengthening your knowledge of Jesus. I hope that you enjoy being a part of the community and participating in the discussions. I look forward to interacting with you on the site.

God bless


Hi Gilberto!
Very welcome. I’m a teacher at Lima-Peru and I would love to share resources, if you want.
Blessings from South America,

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