Gino Pesce

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Hi everyone. Hi my name is Gino Pesce. I am a retired Chicago public school teacher and administrator. After taking both the core module and Bible class it’s great to reconnect with all of you. Great discussions here.

(SeanO) #2

@ginopesce Welcome to Connect! Glad we had someone rooted in truth serving the youth of this nation. May you grow in knowledge of Christ and be more deeply rooted in His love through your time here on Connect. See you on the forums.

(Gino Pesce) #3

Thanks see you on the forums!

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Welcome to Connect, @ginopesce. Hope to learn with you here in the discussions, I do agree that the Core Module and the Bible Elective are great! :slight_smile:

(Anthony Costello ) #5


Gino, as a fellow Chicagoan let me extend you a windy city welcome! Glad you are here with us.

I worked a few years in the CPS, teaching a ballroom dance course for inner-city school kids. Madison Elementary, down on 75th and Drexel. It was a great experience; one of the best of my life.

Where in Chicago did you teach? Which school? I’m a South Sider myself, from the Oak Lawn-Beverly area; but I, unfortunately, live in Southern California now. :disappointed_relieved:

Look forward to your questions.

in Christ,

(Gino Pesce) #6

Hi Anthony

Greetings fellow Chicagoans! I was all over the city. Humboldt park, Northwest side, Galewood. I was at Avalon Park (81st and Kenwood) for 5 years. Currently retired living in Lake County. Winters in Tucson AZ. Looking forward to connecting.