Go ye therefore...Gospel

Yeshua shared the gospel. He made sure those religious were comfy. Pious were laid low. The possessed delivered and had a chance to believe. Lame healed. Blind seeing. The Dead raised children, Lazarus, and a son during a funeral procession. He disciples a diverse group of Hebrews, fisherman to a tax collector. A doctor followed Jesus, Luke. And a scary Pharisee righteously killing people of the way. Shaul/Paul thought he was doing what God would want him to, until the LORD radical saved him. He in turned was used by the the LORD to write and lead crowds to Him. Today, the LORD wants to use His disciples now. Us?!

I am praying for opportunities. Praying for people around me. I recently happened to share the Light of Jesus with an affluent woman who is a car crash survivor, a young man professing Jesus, who is Ubering between jobs, and tonight a homeless cup bearer and another guy on the train.

I shared my testimony with the homeless man. Told him that I was looking for work when he asked me for money. I told him Yeshua, Jesus healed me. The young man across from us told me he doesn’t believe in the Bible. I asked him what does he read? He told me nothing. I think I told him God made Him to know him.

I shared a few scripture that came to mind. “God is not a man that he should lie.” He tried to bring up old and new Testament. I told him he’s wrong. The Savior is in every book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. I told him when he us alone to just ask God to tell him who he is. He mentioned a truckload of religions. He was loud and I am trained vocally and from the innercity, so I think they were a bit caught off guard. The Lord Jesus sees us. He sees the hearts of man. There was a Muslim couple next to him and others coming home from work at 930P in Boston. May the LORD Jesus bust apart the hallow belief systems around us. We have the truth. We have the Holy Spirit our Helper. We are here to lead people to their God, their Savior, the only Living God. So did I succeed? No. That wasn’t the aim. Just to be open to the people God puts in my pathway.

I could have been more careful?! Still looking for work. In Boston, where PL think Christians are irrational, prejudice, and undependable. They are nice people, but really… I think the LORD wants us to rise up. Take a few knocks. Clean our noses. And keep praising him in the fight. When we haven’t been employed yet. God above will open doors for employment for me even while I speak, pray with people, etc. Yahweh Yireh. Provider has us covered. The “I AM.” Be open to the Spirit. Ask God to give you eyes to see, hear, and words to say. God loves you and people around us. They are worth the effort. Even if we start to self evaluate ourselves. Shake it off! God is a gracious, kind, and righteous. He saves all who call on him. Cheers!


@Mkibos May YHWH continue to draw you to Himself, bless you and use you to draw others to Him.
May you be His salt, making others thirsty for Yeshua, the Living water.
May you be His light in a world growing dim.
May He meet your need and provide the work that He has for you.


I receive that. Amen. God bless you sister.

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