God and aliens

(Rafael chavez) #1

Hey guys how do y’all minister to people who believe in aliens and deny the existence of god? I’ve tried using the cosmological argument and moral argument for god and using reason and logic but most of all I’ve just tried to show him the love the Jesus has share with us

(Joshua Spare) #2

Hey Rafael, that’s a great question; I especially love your heart to “show him the love that Jesus has shared with us.” Ultimately, whatever we do, however great or small our efforts, that is always something that we are able to do. So kudos to you for that!

To get back to your question, I thought I might try to throw a couple thoughts your way. For the first part, you ask about ministering to people who “believe in aliens” - this is a belief that I don’t know is necessarily at odds with Biblical theology. I think that there may be some arguments why we, as Christians, shouldn’t expect to find any life outside of our planet, but ultimately, I think the arguments are somewhat tenuous, and the question is still open. Even if your friend does believe in aliens, does that preclude belief in God? Here is a link to a response that a Connect member posted a few months ago.

Having said that, I am wondering, is your friends belief in aliens the justification for the denial for the existence of God? If so, that would be a curious argument to hear. I’m operating under the assumption that your friend believes in aliens and denies the existence of God - no necessary logical linkage between the two.

Assuming that my assumptions are correct, I think the best place to start with your friend on denying the existence of God is to try to get to a place of understanding his denial. Ask him some great questions like “Why do you think that God doesn’t exist?” or “what could possibly make you believe in a god or The God?” or “Have you ever encountered a thought that really made to stop to ask, ‘maybe there is a god?’” I’m sure you can think of some great questions that will speak to your friend and really help to get to a place of understanding why he believes what he believes. From these questions, perhaps you may get to a place of seeing that he has heard or read some good arguments on why one should not believe in the existence of God - if this is the case, I have always found it a great opportunity to offer to read through a book together that addresses these questions. You might try some of these:



I’m sure you know of many other great books that your friend might be willing to consider with you. Another possibility is that you might start to see that your friend denies the existence of God because he doesn’t want God to exist - this is always a very real possibility that any intellectual obstacles are simply a facade for the emotional or existential motivations for denial. That isn’t to say that your friend is dishonest, but simply to say that he may not recognize the full extent of his motivations in this capacity. If that is the case, then it always helps to try to show that to him, and to show him that our Lord is the dearest treasure one could ever hope to have. As Pascal said (emphasis mine):

Men despise religion. They hate it and are afraid it may be true. The cure for this is first to show that religion is not contrary to reason, but worthy of reverence and respect. Next make it attractive, make good men wish it were true, and then show that it is.

And finally, you may simply find that your friend is utterly apathetic to explore the possibility of the existence of God - the reason may lie in some intellectual or existential reason, but to even suss that out becomes exceedingly difficult without genuine conversation. In that case, the best thing I have found is to do exactly what you have already expressed, and to continue to love him radically and unreservedly just as Christ has loved us.

Does that help you start thinking through what might be helpful in approaching a loving dialogue with your friend? Do you think any of these approaches seem worthwhile for starting conversation with your friend? I certainly will be praying that you have fruitful and productive engagement!

(Rafael chavez) #3

Yes thank you for responding and like you said I think when it comes down to is just wishing that god doesn’t exist so he can live the live he wants