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One of my friend asked this question to me “What kind of God creates a world where monsters thrive, beauty and purity is rewarded with poverty and death?”. I know the simple answer to this, but my friend is a Phd student and a muslim. I want to answer him perfectly. Please provide me a answer.

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Mahesh Nalluri George

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The first things comes to mind is which God, the God of the Bible or the Allah of the Quran? I don’t ask this to be cute or disrespectful. But this is a question any belief system must address. In this case I understand from your post that your friend is a Muslim and because of that it would interesting for him/her to expound on the subject and this will likely open other discussion threads.

Hope this helps and is received with the respect intended. Let us know.


@Maheshnalluri Great question :slight_smile: I think the place to start is by acknowledging that you do not have a perfect answer, but that you do know a Person, Jesus, through whom you have learned to trust God’s love for you and for the world. That said, here are a few thoughts that might be worth considering:

  1. Your friend has overstated the problem. Righteousness in this life—hard work, patience, kindness, faithfulness—is often rewarded. So while there is much terrible injustice in the world, it is not true that right living is never rewarded. For example, your friend’s hard work earned him a PhD.
  2. God did not create a world with injustice in it. God created a very good world without death or sin or disease. Read Genesis 1-2 with your friend. And then read Genesis 3. It was the sinfulness of mankind that plunged the world into disarray and violence.
  3. God will restore justice to the world in the New Creation. Every evil deed done in the body will be judged (2 Cor 5:10, Heb 4:12-14) and every righteous deed rewarded. Evil does not have the last word. Read the story of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) and see that in the end no matter how badly the righteous suffer they will find rest and no matter how much the wicked prosper justice will be done.
  4. The God of Christianity did not remain aloof from our suffering. Jesus came—God with us—and suffered so that we could be set free from death.

Hope those thoughts help you to enter into a meaningful conversation and may the God of love and grace open your friend’s heart to Jesus :slight_smile:


@SeanO Thank you so much for the detailed answer.

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@Maheshnalluri Sure thing :slight_smile: God be with you as you share His love and truth!

My answer to your question is ‘free will’. You see, God created the world perfect and wanted to live in peace and harmony with his creation but it didn’t take long before his creation rebelled against Him. Because God loves us so much, he has to allow us to have free will because perfect, real love demands free will, if there is no free will then it’s not real love. Unfortunately too many of God’s creation (humans) have rejected God & the saving sacrifice of Jesus and gone their own way causing much grief, pain and evil in the world. So it’s not God that created evil, he can’t because he is good, it’s humans, more specifically the Devil that controls humans to do such terrible things in this world. And yes God allows evil to persists in the world because he can’t interfere with our free will but he has devised an amazing plan for life after this world where there will be no more sadness, misery and pain. Evil will be destroyed forever more so in the end goodness will ultimately win.
God bless you.