God is working today

(Duane Enos) #1

Wow, God sent me two guys to talk to today. They were both young believers but I was able to encourage and motivate them in their struggles. I just got back from the Emerging Apologist Program at RZIM and was able to answer their questions. Namely “Does God care?” and “Does God still love me when I sin?” They were going door to door looking for work. So, I hired them and they’ll be back tomorrow. Looking forward to our conversation tomorrow.
I love how God has a plan. Not just for those who are struggling but for us to serve!

(Shawn Hart) #2

This is super encouraging Duane. Thanks for sharing.


(SeanO) #3

@Duane Praise God for your willingness to step into these guys lives - may the relationships you are building grow and may they grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus as they observe your life!

(Alycia Wood) #4

@Duane So cool! And since you hired them, you’ll have the opportunity for many more discussions!

(Vince Vitale) #5

That is awesome, Duane! This encouraged me so much. Amazing how God offers us divine encounters every day if we are just willing to see them and step into them. Keep on!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #6

This is encouraging, @Duane. I prayed to God for your endeavor. God bless you. :slight_smile:

(Duane Enos) #7

THANKS GUYS!!! :smile:

(Scott Dockins) #8

I would venture to say that giving them a job when they were in need of work could possibly be the signpost in their memories that will guide them back to the conversations you guys have had and prayerfully will have.

God bless you brother for being present and available.

(Stephen Lee) #9

That’s awesome! Your post is inspiring me when I have been down! Thank you so much!!

(Kim Ali) #10

This has reminded me to continually ask God to bring me people to talk to. Such a cool opportunity!

(Kingsley Manoharan) #11

I love this story! so organic!