God’s purpose

What was God’s purpose in creating humans? Was it to bring glory to himself?


Hello Sadie,
That is a great question and thank you for asking it. That God created us is amazing in many ways because it shows such a great depth of love and value for us that we must be truly in awe. Especially when we consider that not only did God create us, but He also sent His Son who made the ultimate sacrifice to save us from our sins. Sometimes it makes my head spin to think of just how much God truly values each and every one of us and that is something that we must understand about Him.
That being said, I do not think that God had to create us to bring Himself any glory. To think of it in these terms is to say that God needed us, or is prideful and needs glory from us. But I believe this is the incorrect way to think about it. I look at it in these terms, and keep in mind this is a simplified examination. I have three children, a daughter and two sons. Now, I love them very much and they mean the world to me, but before I and my wife had our children did we NEED them? Simple answer…NO. We did not NEED our children, we WANTED our children. Because we wanted to share in that relationship of raising them and getting to know them and teaching them things that we have learned. It is a relationship unlike any other when you have children, even though it is not something you needed, it is something that is amazing and that many want.
I tend to think of God, being our heavenly Father, in somewhat the same way. He did not create us because He needed us or anything from us. He created us because He wanted us and He wanted to have a relationship with us and share that special fellowship with us. God does not need us to give Him glory, but He wants us to have a relationship with Him and love Him, because He loves us, and the closer we grow to Him and the more we understand Him then the more we just naturally glorify Him. It would be impossible to share a relationship with such an amazing and great God and not glorify Him, but I do not believe that to be the reason He created us.
I hope that this helps and if you have any other questions please ask away. God bless you and thank you.


@Sgpage Good question! What caused you to ask this question? Was it some particular experience or thought?

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