Godlove Mensah

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Hello everyone!
I’m Godlove Mensah, a pastor from Ghana.
I’ve been following RZIM for some years now and was recently directed to this platform by a friend.

I enjoy studying Christian Apologetics and sharing the truth of our faith with others. I hope to make meaningful contributions to strengthen and build the faith of others. Thank you and God bless you all.

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(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @lovemensah51,

I love your username - God does love us! And we are God’s beloved! Welcome - we’re so glad you’ve joined!


(Godlove) #4

Thank you very much Sir. I’m most excited to be here!

(Cynthia McInnis) #5

God bless you Pastor Menah! Welcome. Please periodically share facts and interests about Ghana while we interact!

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Thank you Cynthia! I sure will

(Emmanuel Ofori) #7

Nice meeting you since we are both from Ghana. Hope to learn more and continue in the RZIM community

(Koushik Sevana Raju) #8

Welcome, Pastor!